The Floral Trend Forecast For 2015

For 2015, the underlying theme of most weddings is a return to classic romance, and wedding centerpieces are an essential element of successfully pulling off this theme. The rustic chic trend that has dominated wedding décor in recent years is still being seen through the use of floral backdrops, wildflowers, and foliage rich bouquets; however, this year, brides have a wider range of options to choose from.

Here are a few of the top floral wedding trends for 2015:

§ The British Invasion. Must have favorites amongst brides this year include hydrangeas, peonies, and English roses. Ranunculus and dahlias, often associated with high tea or afternoon garden parties, are proving popular as well. These flowers are versatile, while still being dramatic. From simple affairs to large scale grandeur, these romantic flowers make an excellent option.

§ Fanatical About Fauna. This season, wedding planners and florists state that brides cannot seem to get enough greenery. Sweet smelling herbs, like mint and rosemary, are proving to be quite popular, and other bridal favorites include ivy, magnolia leaf, and maidenhair fern. The use of this greenery is not restricted to centerpieces and bouquets. It is being used in a number of surprising different methods, such as softening the edges of a chandelier or as table runners.

§ From the Land to the Table. In a fashion similar to rustic chic, but still different, many brides are opting for floral arrangements that look as though they were freshly picked and brought to the table. To achieve this look, brides as using seasonal flowers that are grown either regionally or locally. As an added bonus, locally grown, seasonal blooms offer a budget friendly option for the thrifty bride.

§ Free Flowing Forms. Instead of crafting a traditional arrangement around a sole color or single type of flower, floral experts are electing to choose buds and blooms that look as though they were cut or plucked from within the same garden. Increasingly, non-floral vegetation, such as acorns, berries, and fruit, are being paired with flowers in bouquets and wedding centerpieces to create a unique look that is cohesive and aesthetically pleasing, yet unstructured.

§ Branch Out With Trees. For centerpieces, potted plants and topiaries are all the rage this year. Brides prize them for their ability to height to a space and to create a warm, welcoming environment. Clever florists are opting to decorate these trees with flowers by attaching petals to the branches of taller trees and by scattering petals around the base of the tree.

§ Look Up Above. Finally, one of the most exciting floral wedding trends this year is the new and inventive ways flowers are being incorporated into the wedding décor. For example, at a wedding, it can be quite aggravating to have to crane your neck around a large vase or centerpiece in order to talk to a person sitting across the table. Instead, ingenious brides are choosing to suspend their floral arrangements from the ceiling. Floral chandeliers are becoming particularly popular, and the ethereal effect created by hanging flowers is one that can be used indoors or out.

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