What can I learn from Federer..and it’s not tennis


“With talent and hard work, anything is possible.” And I’m not alluding to self.

The commentator was referring to the man with the most grand slam titles, the oldest man to reach Australian Open 2017 semis. He was out of action from tennis circuit for 6 months, right about the same time that I paused my career.

We both took a break in June 2016 and are back re-energized. But that’s how far I can draw parallels.

While I watch him exceed his own modest expectations at Australian open, I go ‘Wow, even the most loved tennis star has to cope with an underdog status’. That surely gives me hope as I go swinging for the fences, raring to go solo.

Talent ensured Federer’s numero uno spot in his younger, prime years and hard work and motivation are what will take him back there. Of course, the #nextgen players are lurking and will likely dominate, but we get to enjoy Fed class and elegance for one more day.

A subtle message for me — while I admire his sheer brilliance as he turns back the clock on prime time — no nerves, no stutter, classy as always.

A simple game of tennis can be a metaphor for life. It all starts at love-all, no matter if you’re seeded 17 or seeded 4. Experience counts as much as passion and youthful energy and who says that they’re all mutually exclusive?

It certainly came together beautifully for Roger on Rod Laver Arena in his victory over Kei and then over Mischa. So what if he doesn’t go the distance? He gave it his best shot, he’s content and fit and his family and fans are rooting for him and that’s all that counts. That’s his true legacy and makes him a role-model to those who fear that their time has passed.

Who would have thought a game of tennis and the greatest of them all can dish us life lessons?