Shoes for Women — A Companion for Life

Shoes are a woman’s best friend. Whether you are simply browsing through a well displayed collection of shoes at a store, looking through a catalogue, checking out shoes online, or impulsively buying a pair of shoes, adding new shoes to one’s footwear collection is always a mood booster. Worn well, shoes can elevate an outfit. Every season, high-street and high-end brands flood the market with their own collection of the trendiest styles of shoes. As a crazy shoes lady, the introduction of new shoe collections means emptying your wallet with purchases that you may not even need — but again, when it comes to shoes, the limit does not exist. So, you may not fall under the category of women obsessed with shoes but you can not deny the fact that a pair of neat, smart purchases do excite you. Besides, footwear is a basic necessity. The number of shoes one owns is completely personal. Whichever category you fall under, shoes for women are available in these major styles:

Ballerinas or bellies — attractive, trendy, and versatile, these basic shoes for women are classic. Ballerina shoes complement a simple jeans and tees outfit as much as they do dresses and skirts. Another major advantage of bellies is their enclosed structure, which is helpful for women who do not like their feet to be exposed to dirt, dust, and other external elements.

Flats — easy to slip on and easily available, these shoes are a favourite among college-going girls and working professionals. Flats are designed to allow your feet to breathe and are the ideal choice of summer footwear.

Heels — regardless of style preference or lifestyle, it is safe to say that every girl owns at least a pair of heels. Heel shoes for women have long been loved for their ability to make a woman feel confident about her body and her self. Tall people wear heels to draw attention to their long limbs while others wear heels to appear taller. Heels give the illusion of a longer body frame and thus makes you appear slimmer. Different styles of heels include kitten heels, pumps, stilettos, ankle strap heels, wedges, cone heels, sling back heels, platform heels, peep toe heels, cork high heels, high heeled boots, spool heels, mules, cut-out heels, corset heels, French heels, oxfords, and fantasy heels.

Wedges — these fall under the category of heel shoes for women. The distinguishing feature of wedges is their thick sole — which gives it an edge over other heel styles, based on comfort. Wedges do not dig into the ground, like heels, and are therefore ideal for everyday wear.

Loafers — these classic shoes are minimally designed and can be worn with both formal and casual shoes wear.

Boots — available as low ankle boots, calf length boots, thigh-high boots, knee-length boots, and ankle length boots. Boots can be flat or come with kitten heels, stacked heels, stiletto heels, or wedge heels. Boot styles include fashion boots, sports boots, work boots, equestrian boots, and military boots.

Canvas and sneakers — wear these to add a dash of casual sportiness to your outfit. Wearing them with dresses and skirts is also a fun option.

Sports shoes — sports shoes for women includes running shoes, walking shoes, and gym shoes.