Expand Sales with Accurate Business Directory

An accurate business directory plays an important role in driving the sales and marketing process of any business nowadays. Any business today that is successful is not just because of never-ending efforts of the sales and marketing team but also the database they worked on. The accuracy of the database is highly important for the sales and marketing team to get the right leads at the right time and then turning them successfully into valuable customers. But the question is how any business can get the good database? What should a business do to fetch the correct data? Well, there are various ways of capturing an accurate database; however, if any business wishes to speed up its sales and marketing tasks, then buying an accurate business directory is one of the best options. However, businesses must also analyze their database needs that can be location-specific, industry-specific, and so on before buying a database.

Advantages of Accurate Business Directory

After analyzing the exact database requirements, businesses must also evaluate that is it really worth to buy a business directory? Would buying a data can amplify their sales and marketing growth? Well to answer all such questions, let us look into a few advantages of buying a business directory:

Get connected with Decision Makers: An accurate database gives you a detailed list of business directory entailing contacts of key decision-makers of various industries. These lists enable your sales team to build connections with these stakeholders quickly.

Target Relevant Companies: Using accurate data helps you to target relevant companies. The list of business directory enables your sales team to target only those companies that matter to your business and need your product or service.

Expand Reach & Sales: Using an accurate database also ensures the expansion of reach and sales. It offers you a large pool of potential audience and sales where you can send impactful marketing e-mails and the more people receiving it improve your chances to generate more potential sales.

Strong Sales Pipeline: Getting the accurate database entailing business directory and contacts of decision-makers helps in building a robust sales pipeline. Your sales team is always sure about the contacts that are most likely to buy from you with the help of an accurate database.

Enhanced ROI: By using an accurate database, you get access to a database that will be receptive to your sales and promotional e-mails. It results in saving a lot of time and money as your e-mail will be sent to only those contacts that have an interest in your products or services.

Disadvantages of Inaccurate Business Directory

We are in the digital age, and the dynamics of sales and marketing are ever-changing. In such scenarios, it becomes important for businesses to be on their toes and take cautious steps when it comes to mobilizing their marketing and sales activities. But for driving better sales and marketing companies must use accurate data entailing business directory of their particular industry which can be easily purchased from any database provider. Even the most efficient Customer Relationship Management system fail to fetch good results if the data integrated into it is not accurate. So the accuracy of the data plays an important role in the success of any company. Contrary to this, if the data is not accurate, it can completely damage the growth of sales and marketing process of any company. Let us look into a few points explaining the disadvantages of inaccurate business directory:

Poor Relationship Management: Establishing and nurturing strong relationships with prospects plays a vital role in prospecting. However, an inaccurate business directory comes with painful prospecting because inaccurate details of prospects like job role and buying preferences act as a hindrance in prospecting and the sales and marketing team pitching of products and services goes in vain, which damage the initial relationship with prospects. Even the prospect who is contacted by the sales and marketing team feels puzzled as he is getting pitched for products and services which he or she never wanted.

Sometimes while following up with the qualified prospects, by mistake, the sales and marketing team store incorrect details of prospects which they gather during the follow-up. In the buyer’s journey, there are numerous interactions of prospects with the team, and sometimes the sales and marketing reps make errors while feeding the details, that act as a hindrance during the follow-up resulting in poor relationship management.

Bad Lead Generation & Low Productivity: An inaccurate business directory brings poor lead generation and increases low productivity ratio. There are many data providers in the market, but business owners should make sure that they choose the most genuine database provider because it directly influences their business success. Injecting inaccurate details to the Customer Relationship Management System produces no productive results because the sales and marketing team will only waste their efforts and time in contacting those leads which are not looking to buy anything and few of the leads’ information like e-mail address and phone numbers are inaccurate. Contacting the leads without complete information of their buying preferences also results in painful prospecting and ruin the very first impression of the business in from of the people who are contacted. So the lead generation slows down resulting in low productivity.

Incorrect Report Generation: We all are humans bound to make an error. Similarly, while interacting with leads, sometimes sales and marketing team store incorrect details of leads. It results in inaccurate report generation that de-motivates the sales and marketing team as the metrics fail to produce correct growth, which was expected. Just imagine the number of leads that turned into customers not properly registered, then it leads to confusion, frustration, and de-motivation in the company. It also distracts the sales and marketing team from its focus on achieving the desired targets. Besides, de-motivation that goes around the team, the sales forecasting process get impacted too with inaccurate reports as the key decision-makers also face multiple challenges in planning future strategies on the basis of inaccurate reports.

How Accurate Business Directory Improves Database Marketing?

The business directory acts a catalyst in the growth of database marketing campaigns. Irrespective of the size of the organization, small, medium, or large, detailed, and complete information about the target audience acts as the master key to generate leads and drive better sales. An accurate business directory can be used to invigorate marketing efforts, ensuring the reach expansion to the right people. In case you do not have an accurate business directory and company data readily available, then you can easily buy a B2B business directory from any reputed data provider. Your business can get a plethora of benefits by applying this approach. Buying an accurate B2B business directory allows your sales and marketing team to connect with a wider audience; focus on customer-specific requirements; conduct multi-channel online campaigns. However, the question is, does buying a b2b business directory improves database marketing campaigns? The answer is big yes, in the market, few data providers are selling an inaccurate data, but contrary to this, there are also some reputed data providers that offer structured and relevant data as per your business and industry needs.

So if you are planning to buy data and confused whether you should buy a business directory, then the answer is big yes. However, at the same time, make this decision abruptly. You must research, analyze your business directory needs, and ensure that you get the data provider who can fulfill your data needs and genuinely concern about the growth of your organization.

Marketing tactics and techniques with the passage of time have changed dramatically. The arrival of the internet to each and every home has completely changed the equation of customer’s buying behavior and preferences. We are living in the Digital Age, and with easy accessibility of the internet, customers usually research various products by surfing multiple websites before making a purchase decision. The old school traditional marketing tactics, like paid advertising, still work for many organizations, however not for all. There is more focus on especially targeting the customer who is already looking for your company’s product or service. However, nowadays, the equation is changed, and driving business is completely based on connecting the right people at the right time.

But the matter of fact is what the success rate of sales is if anyone buys business directory and, what if it is an inaccurate data, completely unstructured and irrelevant? As we are aware of the fact that not all data is similar and, not all data providers are the same. In the market, there are a few data providers who are selling business directory and company data in a non-ethic manner entailing postal addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses. It is highly advisable to purchase high-quality business directory from a verified and genuine database provider.

Many times data issues happen when business-owners buy data from the irresponsible database provider. Getting a database from such a data provider destroys your database marketing. Using an inaccurate business directory for sending marketing e-mails can completely destroy your company reputation, decreases response rates, irritate potential customers, and dramatically wastes your time and resources. But on the other hand, a good business directory can transform your business in better shape and helpful in boosting the database marketing process. A good business directory entailing relevant details of B2B company in India is always updated and detailed; there is no duplication of data; the data obtained by the data provider is ethically and legally. This type of business directory will help you to achieve database marketing objectives. It also scales up the lead generation process resulting in better sales and revenue.

Prerequisites for Buying Business Directory

Capturing the right leads at the right time and turning them into customers is the major challenge that any business faces. It’s not an easy task, as it takes a lot of effort and time. To resolve these challenges, businesses need an accurate business directory that can be purchased from any data provider. Accurate data saves time and helps the sales and marketing team to get in touch with the right prospects for the business.

Irrelevant and un-structured business directory acts as a hurdle in a qualified lead generation. It wastes the efforts of the sales and marketing team to connect with the right leads. To solve such issues, many businesses buying data from reputed data providers that simplify the lead generation process. But, the question is- will it expand customer reach and will it provide them exposure to relevant B2B contacts. If you are keen to buy a business directory from any data provider, then you must know the advantages your business can reap out of it. How this data can connect you to key stakeholders of multiple industries that can scale up the lead generation process by tapping the right leads to create more effective campaigns, and help your sales representatives focus on selling, not to research.

Let us have a quick look at a few prerequisites that we must consider before buying a business directory:

Explain data requirements to data provider: You must explain your data requirements to the data provider. For example, if you want a business directory entailing contacts of key decision-makers of a specific location, then what would you do with business directory entailing contacts from other locations. It will be useless if your data is not location-specific. So it would be a good option to explain the data specific requirement to the data provider before buying a business directory.

Explain why you need business directory: You should also explain to the data provider why you need data, what is the objective behind buying that business directory, and how you will be using it. Explain your actual need for a business directory to the data provider. It can be for multiple reasons right from telemarketing to e-mail campaigns.

Ask for a Sample: Before buying any data of key decision-makers of businesses, you should first opt for sample data. Ask your data provider for free sample data, which gives a brief view of a business directory for a few hours, and in that time- period, you can evaluate the actual worth of that business directory.

Evaluate the lead generation process: Develop a clear understanding of your company’s lead generation process and gauge the number of leads your team can manage successfully. Buying a vast business directory is not enough if your team is not ready to streamline it appropriately and use it to its maximum potential.

Data Support: Only purchasing a business directory from any reputed data provider is of no use if it is not organized and relevant. Your data provider must offer you impeccable after-sales support, too, and should always be ready to take ownership of the data that is structured and suits your business needs.


Thus, using a relevant and accurate business directory is essential to any business today. If planning to buy database from database providers, then be sure it is relevant, structured, and accurate. Relevant, structured, and accurate data facilitates the sales and marketing team to make calls effectively and deliver high impact messages to build a strong relationship with prospects and existing customers. In a nutshell, the accurate database acts as a master key to unlock the world of better sales opportunities.


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