Rupaya Community Update — August 20, 2018

Aug 21, 2018 · 3 min read

In this weekly community update we will provide important project updates about the upcoming hard fork, share marketing information, highlight community news, and more.

Community News

Masternode Scrum with INDX Capital

This past friday, members of the Rupaya team took part in an AMA “Masternode Scrum” discussion with INDX Capital, in their Telegram. Aasim (Mobay), Kevin (Tooshameless), Tobias (Velk), and Warren (Web3) all answered a variety of questions surrounding Rupaya, it’s vision, and a variety of others for about 40 minutes. In case you missed it, we will link to the detailed chat transcript once it is released. If you are too eager to wait, join their telegram channel include above.

Project Developments

Coin Swap Date‼️

We are pleased to announce the the upcoming hardfork will happen on October 1st, 2018. In the coming weeks we will announce the exact snapshot block which will serve as the cutoff for the new chain. Be sure to start planning now around that date. More details will be released as we get closer to the deadline, and roll out a smooth transition.

New Blockchain Development

Over the past several weeks the new codebase has been in constant development. Our core development team is actively stress testing the new Rupaya blockchain to ensure it operates flawlessly upon launch. The team is running testnets to further flesh out the feature set and validate chain performance.

The Bots are Coming, The Bots are Coming

As if there wasn’t enough going on with the new codebase implementation, our devs are also working on a bevy of new TipBot’s (Tipbots are being worked on for Discord, Twitter, Reddit, and Steem). In addition to the new and improved tipbots, a custom automated Coin Swap bot to handle our transition for the hard fork is almost ready for testing. We’re always think of and working on new ways to make everything easier for our users.

Masternode Collateral Increase Reminder

Just a reminder that the collateral required for a Rupaya Masternode will increase from 10k to 20k following the hard fork.

The collateral change is important for the future of Rupaya and coupled with the new reward structure will slow the coin inflation and help protect masternode ownership value. The investment in a Rupaya masternode is a long term investment in the projects mission and vision. We believe this will encourage the right investors, which will in turn increase participation in governance voting of quality proposals.

Block Reward Changes

After much deliberation we would like to present the new reward structure which will become effective with the hard fork. This structure will allow for a slow two week onramp during the coin swap period in the hopes this gives users plenty of time without concern of missing out on the new chain rewards.

All New Rupaya Documentation Center

As Rupaya has grown and evolved our documentation process has gotten a little messy. Key information is scattered over several sites and tough to locate. Not only is this process daunting for new users, it doesn’t meet the Rupaya’s high standards.

To address this our team is going through a total overhaul of the documentation library. Major portions of the Rupaya documentation are being rewritten and catagorized. Everything from branding guidelines to wallet details will all be consolidated to a single searchable site.


Discord Update

  • 1,959 total users (+33 in past week)
  • 1,732 active users within last 30 days (+8 in the past week)

Twitter Update

  • 1,522 total followers (+6 in the past week)
  • 29 new followers (month-to-date, +1.9%)
  • 118 Tweets and DMs Sent (month-to-date, +47.5%)
  • 343 Messages Received (month-to-date, +13.6%)
  • 519.4k Impressions (month-to-date, +407.4%)

About Rupaya

Founded in 2014, Rupaya is the cryptocurrency of south Asia. Our digital crypto asset RUPX is accessible to ordinary users and merchants. Rupaya is governed by a passionate community and a dedicated development team.

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