Rupaya Community Update — July 30, 2018

This weekly update contains the story of students learning about crypto through Rupaya, team member highlights, project developments, and marketing work.

I want to make a difference and do a lot of good in the world, Rupaya is a chance to do that in a very big way. — Web3, Rupaya Community Moderator & Technical Support

Community News

Two Students from South Asia Discover Joys of Rupaya

Ahmed and Wazir viewing their RUPX wallet

Two A Level students from South Asia explain how Rupaya is transforming their lives. Ahmed and Wazir were working on a class assignment when they saw advertisement for crypto currency and, being business students, it grabbed their attention. They were motivated to do some more research on this new technology. While on their searching journey they discovered Rupaya, the first south Asian crypto currency. After a lot more research they borrowed money to invest in the project so they could afford all the necessities required for their education.

According to Wazir their journey was full of surprises, they never thought that money could flow through the air like this and all they needed was a tool to grab it. He feels lucky that the advertisement popped up at the right time and they followed their gut instinct to invest in Rupaya.

Ahmed was very skeptical initially about purchasing a master node, but after receiving the rewards and looking at the active community he knows that they made the right choice in Rupaya.

Donate some $RUPX and help them continue their educational journey at: 7Pb2hHQNKCTDxp18u1GNP7P1tTbbmUsgnW

Project Development

New Wallet UI

Last week we showed what the light theme of our new wallet UI will look like. This week we’re showing off the dark version of the wallet UI.

10k Masternode Competition — July

This month we required submissions for the 10k Masternode Competition to be made as a video on YouTube. Submissions were allowed, and encouraged, in any language, but had to be informative and include several pieces of key information.

Two excellent submissions have been received so far this month. Each chose to answer the competition requirements from a very different angle. Watch them below.

💡If you need a video translated: Turn on CC, then select the Gear Icon and choose Subtitles > Auto-Translate, and choose your language.

The July competition officially ends on July 31 at 11:59PM UTC, all submission links must be posted to the #10kmncompetition channel on our Discord by that time.

Submission for our 10k Masternode Competition by crypto darthmarc
Submission for our 10k Masternode Competition by John Rambo

New Listings

Yesterday we were listed by two new services. You can now find Rupaya on both NodeMarketCap as well as on Crypto Chart Index.

Team Highlights

In addition to his duties with Rupaya as Community Moderator & Technical Support, Web3 (web3#0842 on Discord) is also a CIO for a large non-profit in Northern New York State. Prior to joining the core Rupaya team, Web3 and another community member (gwal) pitched, developed, and implemented the very popular Rupaya Raffle Bot.


Discord Update

  • 1,810 Users (1,657 active within last 30 days)
  • Added the Maula Jatt Bot for ranks and some other goodies which will soon be announced

Social Media Overview

Vote for Rupaya Now in the MasternodeMeBro18 Tournament
In Round 1 of the MasternodeMeBro18 Tournament we defeated Social Send handily. Now we’re up against Linda Coin in Round 3, and it’s going to be a much tougher battle.

Vote for Rupaya now

Then share all our posts across your social media channels and help push us through to Round 4.

Roadmap Excitement
Following our weekly update last Monday we launched a poll asking what our community found the most exciting. 39% of you replied that the forthcoming roadmap updates was what you were most excited about. In our next community update we will be talking all about the upcoming roadmap changes.

CoinFire News Poll
Just about a week ago CoinFireNews started a week-long Twitter poll that asked ‘Which cryptocurrency that is targeting South Asia will get vast adoption?’. The answer was resoundingly Rupaya.

About Rupaya

Founded in 2014, Rupaya is a native currency exchange, and makes our digital crypto asset RUPX accessible to ordinary users and merchants. Rupaya is governed by a passionate community and a dedicated development team.

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