Project Reveal: RupeeCoin

Greetings readers,

Today, we are honored to extend this invitation to cut the ribbon and take the first look at our project where you will be our main guests. This very first step will serve to introduce us and ask you to join in the shaping process of this new venture in the FinTech world.

This day marks the beginning of a wonderful journey in which we are about to embark together, to create a platform that will serve as a social solution and a business opportunity.

RupeeCoin is our name, our goal is to help millions of Indians who currently are outside of the modern banking solutions thus limited in money usage and capital allocation.

We wish to change this reality creating a social startup to serve as the platform for foreign and local investors who are willing to act as lenders for this population. Lending money in RupeeCoin will yield passive income as well as revenue in the form of interests over the loan.

This requires a lot of security measures and protocols to be taken into consideration but, thanks to Blockchain, we will be able to make this a reality with a few simple steps. The best part of it is that this powerful platform will be delivered to you in the form of a mobile app!

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So, first things first, we wish to introduce ourselves so we can trust each other better if we are going to work together.

First, meet the captain of this whole endeavor, our CEO Daniel Levy. He has experience working with technological startups with a number of completed projects behind him. He currently leads the whole operation which started in his classroom at the Stanford University Entrepreneurship Program.

Right beside him is RupeeCoin’s Financial Officer, Raunak Kedar, who is also a graduate from Stanford’s Entrepreneurship program. A keen eye over the finances and economies worldwide, he guides the strategic numbers behind the operation.

We also have the support of Nitin Prakash, whose role as Marketing Officer has become notorious in order to help us make connections with strategic allies around Asia and America.

These are the main faces who will ensure that RupeeCoin navigates in the right path towards success. However, we do have a dedicated staff who works to ensure that the great ideas get executed properly and whiteout delay so the boat can travel safely towards its final goal.


After hard working weeks, we have completed the lite paper where our core ideas have been placed in a very complete yet familiar way for everyone to understand how we envision the system work. We feel our vision has become a reality in this lite paper where we present a summarized yet powerful description, we would like to share our vision with you so you can share our excitement and passion for RupeeCoin.


Our team has also devoted much of its time to create a website that reflects our core values so it can serve as our identity. We believe that we have achieved such a goal with a simple, strong, summarized and mobile experience for everyone to enjoy!

You will find more in detail data here, as well as our social networks, the documentation and, updates we wish to share with you. Do not hesitate to speak up and let us hear what do you think or feel when visiting.

TechStars at Stamford

Now, this is our chance to meet each other and speak directly. We will be part of the TechStars experience in Stamford, Connecticut from September 21st to the 23rd. Here, we will be exposing our ideas to different teams and coaches in order to truly polish them and get the best possible feedback on this project before taking off officially.

You will be able to meet our CEO and discuss directly with him your point of view, suggest improvements and get a chance to experiment with our model first hand! We are thrilled about this opportunity so we are investing all of our effort in being sharp as possible for this amazing weekend as we know we will learn a lot from this.

Finally, this is all we have to inform you at the moment but remember to stay tuned for future updates about this project, next milestones and a few surprises we have prepared for you during the course of this journey. We expect to share updates with you regularly, so look forward to future invitations and posts with more information about us.

Thank you for taking a minute to meet us and be sure that we will remember you and your interest in our project, we believe in the strength of a close community which will change the world together.