How The Law of Attraction and Non-Duality Relate

A man asks about how the law of attraction relates to non-duality. Rupert suggests that the law of attractions is based on the idea of abundance and the unlimited nature of reality. It is we who impose limits on infinite reality and then act as though those limitations are real. We think and feel of ourself as this limited being and we are then surprised when the universe reflects this limitation back to us.

We do it to the universe, not the universe to us. This is the understanding that underlies the law of attraction — that reality is unlimited and abundance.

The reason the law of attraction often doesn’t work is because it is understood as personal — a person trying to get a desire fulfilled. But we need to understand the distinction between a personal desire and an impersonal desire.

A personal desire arises on behalf of the separate self or that apparent fragment of the whole. It is very difficult for the universe to fulfil that desire because the desire is at odds with the infinite reality of the universe.

That’s why personal desires don’t lead to a deep sense of fulfilment, satisfaction or lasting peace. So rather than seeking to fulfil personal desires we should seek the one on whose behalf the desire arises.

In this clip they mention the tantric path, as well as Rhonda Byrne from The Secret and Rupert’s contribution to her latest book The Greatest Secret.



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Rupert Spira

Rupert Spira

Uncover lasting peace and happiness by understanding the nature of reality and the self, through exploring our experience with meditation and conversation.