Some Pros and Cons of Dental Veneers

One of the major procedures of smile restoration is the application of dental veneers. Although dental veneer application is mainly a cosmetic dental procedure which aims at providing aesthetic benefit, it also strengthens the structure of a weakened tooth.

Like many other dental procedures, dental veneers have come a long way through decades to be in a form they have now. There have been updates and modifications that have made the dental veneers pretty desirable.

Now, it would be worth mentioning some pros and cons of dental veneers. Let’s start with the pros.


Teeth whitening in a jiffy

Years of coffee and tea consumption can take its toll in the form of tooth discoloration. Although you can get your teeth whitened with the help of bleaching but then your teeth are not going to remain whitened for a long time. The best way to deal with this situation is to get dental veneers, especially if your tooth enamel has weakened enough due to frequent application of bleaches. Moreover, the tooth enamel thins with the passage of time. With application of veneers, you can get your teeth whitened instantly.

A fix to minor cosmetic problems

Perhaps the very problems dental veneers are made for are the cosmetic ones. There are several minor cosmetic issues which can be covered with the help of dental veneers. You may find application of braces too much for something as little as minor gaps between the teeth. These minor gaps do not necessarily mean misalignment. To treat such issues, you may want to go for dental veneers, which is definitely going to be the ideal solution.

Solution to Damaged enamel

The damage to enamel can cause bad bacteria seeping into the inner layers of the teeth. Another case with enamel is that it can become sparser. In either case, you can go for dental veneers. A dental veneer can provide an additional layer of protection to the tooth with damaged or weak enamel.



Dental veneers cost higher as compared to many other dental procedures. on average, a dental veneer might cost you $1,313, which is surely higher.

Tooth sensitivity

Some people may suffer from sensitivity of teeth after getting veneers. But the good news is that this sensitivity goes away in just a few days. Moreover, there are ways you can manage the sensitivity of your teeth after getting veneers by using right toothpaste and other products which reduce tooth sensitivity.

Irreversible procedure

After you get the dental veneers, you cannot undo it. The reason is that your dentist will need to change the structure of your tooth in order to attach veneer on it. With this change of structure, you are going to need to have veneer on that tooth for the rest of your life.

If the cons of dental veneers are not bothersome for you, you are going to find it an amazing solution in order to get your smile improved. You can discuss with your dentist about it for further details and insight.