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First of all, if you don’t know Vi or Vi-IMproved maybe its not the best introductory blog for it. But anyway, if you are still curious, maybe you can read this and try out later.

So, Vim is a text editor which is solely terminal based. Personally, I like it a lot but when I mark it as compulsion, it’s more like a view from perspective of someone new to this.

The best thing about vim is that it is primarily a CLI (command line) application and that is how most of us get introduced to this. Whenever you are…

Google search result for #megafavnumbers

So yesterday I came across this video, and do check out this creator’s Youtube channel if you haven’t already. Many people are sharing their mega favorite number, a number that you like and is greater than 1M. I will share mine later in this post and also why it is special.

It all started when Alex Bellos, an editor of The Guardian, asked people to submit their favorite and the top that came out was 7 with over 10 % votes. Also, more than 50% people chose number between 1 and 10.

But we all know that numbers are a…

Google Authenticator Logo

Such a cool-sounding term, I had to find out its meaning and purpose. So here is the story.

Let’s take the story step-wise. You should have heard by now of 2-FA, two-factor authentication. The base idea is pretty simple. Apart from just the password, many of the websites might be sending you an OTP on the phone to grant access. That summarises the two factors. Your password is factor one, and possession of your phone number is factor 2. But just for curious people, I will share some knowledge.

Multi-Factor Authentication

In information security, we have three main pillars to verify someone’s…

Credit: Lockdown Productivity, CGP Grey (YouTube)

Let me start first by clearing it upfront. I am not a super time managed person. I always end up chasing deadlines and more than often complete my work, not with perfection, but just with completing the deliverable.

That been cleared up; I can start the post. I took the courage to write this post because, at one point in the past month, I started completing one season per day of the show, Peaky Blinders. Awesome show, by the way. But, that just meant that for more than a week, I wasn’t achieving anything. A day of fun is good…

My teacher once told me in school, “Your shoe reflects a lot about your personality,” which seemed weird because our school forced us all to wear the same shoe.

Today, I feel the phone has taken that place in life.

“Your phone reflects a lot about your personality.”

We can go on for the next 5–10 paragraphs of different traits that you can judge by different phone brands or the device. But that will be just digressing from the topic. I wish to help you to search for the one that suits your personality.

The whole idea for this blog…


For the time being, I want you p33ps to ignore the general meaning of these words used in daily context and give a new meaning to them for the current time being.

I guess more than often, you have heard about 1000s of accounts’ passwords being compromised and leaked online. All this may have given you thought that these Computer science guys, try to make an AI that can automate phone calls, can’t they solve this issue of data leaks.

Turns out, actually, they have solved the issue of such compromises, but more than often, the companies haven’t been holistically…

One of the coolest depictions of Machine Learning I have seen to date

First of all, let me be clear, what this blog-post is and what it isn’t. This is supposed to be my autobiography regarding how I learned machine learning throughout my college years. Not some Siraj Raval guide for how to learn Machine Learning in 3 minutes.

If you don’t know machine learning yet, two definitions will help you:-

Tom Mitchell:- A computer program is said to learn from experience E with respect to some class of tasks T and performance measure P, if its performance at tasks in T, as measured by P, improves with experience E.

Rupesh:- It is…

….at an average

Photo by Antoine Dautry on Unsplash

It is not a relationship blog or anything even close to it. Just math. Pure applied math.


  • For this experiment we take in account only M2F relationships. I support sexual freedom to everyone, just the math is easier this way sooo…
  • One sided relationship doesn’t count as a relationship. Sad. I know :(
  • Self loving is also not a relationship. LOVE YOURSELF
  • Number of guys and girls are considered equal as a fair assumption.
  • A love triangle needs at-least one of the edge to be homosexual so not considered in our modelling.


  • X → Random Variable for number…

This blog post started with a personal search for such a post. I have a coding interview in an hour, and I was searching for a good medium post, which can point me out some basic concepts of Competitive Coding so that I can brush up just in time.
Inability to find such a post gave me the motivation to write one myself. This blog is mainly for my personal use in the future, and maybe the title is more of a fancy one that a summarizing one. Anyway, so bottom-line is, this is a post to take a look…

Can Windows Subsystem for Linux replace dual-boot?

Are you one of that guy who just loves the three finger swipe in Windows and almost always ends up using windows for basic web surfing and media consumption? You have tried so hard to install touchegg which promised you the three finger gesture but still failed up anyway. These and many other small reasons have been one of the many reasons that I have been using a dual booted system (Windows & Ubuntu) for the past few years. So you will say, why not just Windows. In programming, it is just not…


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