Why We Started Using Codeception for Automated Testing.

What is codeception.

Codeception is like selenium. With the help of Codeception you can automate the module functionality of your projects. Even Non-technical people can use Codeception for automation testing.

Where I need to Codeception.

I am working on Magneto Framework which is using to make e-commerce website. Now working for e-commerce website. In this project, there are lots of modules. So I had tried to manual test for all modules one by one after any changes in any module.

Then I decided I will have to use any automation tools for regression testing. One this is best Magento also use Codeception for automation testing. Magento made a Framework MFTF(Magento Functional Testing Framework) which is based on Codeception.

What is MFTF(Magento Functional Testing Framework).

  • Facilitate functional testing and minimize efforts to perform regression testing
  • In MFTF you can write automation script in XML language. That means no need to know about any oops language like java, php etc.

There is one command in Magento which is used to convert you XML script to PHP language. After writing the XML script you have to run only on command that is:- vendor/bin/robo generate: tests

One important thing in MFTF if you write XML script for one module suppose some steps are of that module is similar to another module then you can re-use of this code. It saves the time. It generates the report also in HTML file which is best for the manager.

There are following reason to use codeception automation tool.

  1. Faster Execution

2. More Accurate

3. Lesser Investment in Human Resource

4. Supports Regression Testing

5. Frequent Execution

6. Support lights out execution

Note:- If you want to know details about it then comment.