the recipe to chemical happiness and sweetness ❤❤

Materials required:

5 ml of sucrose [C12H22O11]

5 ml of fructose [C6H12O6]

5 ml of glucose [C6H12O6]

10 drops of love

5 drops of kindness

3 drops of thankfulness

4 drops of forgiveness

10g of smiles and kisses

1 test tube


Take a test tube and add 10 drops of love along with 5 ml of sucrose. Combine 5 drops of kindness, 3 drops of thankfulness and 5 ml of glucose along with the mixture in the bowl. Finally add 4 drops of forgiveness and 5 ml of fructose and mix well until all the elements are joined by unity and peace.Garnish with 10g of smiles and kisses before you serve.


The given recipe shows you how to create honey and a life full of sweetness and happiness.You can live a sweet life every day by doing this recipe, and by being a human who is ‘as sweet as honey’.