visibility of chemistry

The chemical composition of your tears change, depending on your emotions…..

Most of you reading this article would not have known this until I said so. Chemistry in today’s world at least in the place where I live is known as “the language of formulas” and nothing else. Well nobody sees chemistry as art and science except some people like me and the Oxford English dictionary. Chemistry is a subject creating enthusiasm and excitement. Think like a proton, stay positive and trust me chemistry is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious [awesome]. People learn chemistry but do not understand chemistry. Inside every human there is a Marie curie and Dmitri Mendeleev. It all matters in the way you bring them out. From a very young age I considered chemistry not as a burden but a branch of science where you mix chemicals and burn down the whole place [believe me I’ve tried doing that]. It depends on the way you think. You can think out of the box or think that there is no box. I think this must have made you rethink what chemistry is according to you. So don’t let the spirit of chemistry remain a mystery.

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