Ask a Cowboy August 2020 Humor

Welcome to “Ask a Cowboy”, where letter writers write in and get good solid down to earth advice from a real honest to gosh Cowboy. This week’s topic is retirement advice: Where should I retire?

So, let’s get to this week’s mailbag!

Dear Cowboy:


George sat at the table with his extended family at Christmas. There was festive music, a multitude of foodstuffs, some familiar and comforting, some strange, exotic and some seemed to exude an air of adventurism. …

Years ago, there was a fellow who came to be known as Hi-Jolly. He was an A-rab, from far off lands in the middle east. He was probably born in Syria, probably around 1822 . His real name was Hadji-ali, until he became Americanized and changed it all legal like…

This one is about my friend Mike. Mike I knew from High School, on account of we were both on the chess team. Mike was brilliant, possibly a genius, but damned if he wasn’t a complete idiot.

He wound up going to the University of Arizona, where he pursued a…

People in the Country get some hard headed notions sometimes.

Conversation with a customer:

Billy: How comes you won’t deliver to my house? You deliver to Wiley’s place, and he is right next door. That’s discrimination.

Cowboy: Wiley has a road to his place. You don’t.

Billy: [Offended voice] I…

Mac Saves a Bird

My son Mac found the baby bird on a searing day in June. We live in central Arizona, and June is dry, hot and dusty. Daytime temperatures often reach into the triple digits, and the air is so dry that sucks the moisture from living tissue…

There was a hen in the branches of a mesquite tree, and Coyote came to her and said, “ I have good news! Would you like to hear my good news?”

Hen was wary, because she did not trust Coyote, but still said , “Yes, I will hear your news”…

Not exactly a story. Still fun.

cow cow cow cow cow cow woc

Always one pointing the wrong way.


wolf lion lion [cow cow cow cow]wolf lion

Fences are a good thing


c(calf)ow c(calf)ow

Sometimes they are preggers


c(calf)ow co(calf)w cow calf

The miracle of birth


This story is a common one told by to me in several versions.

Child-of-waters was still a child when his brother, Slayer-of-Enemies was a full-grown man.

Slayer-of-Enemies often went hunting, and he killed many deer, However, whenever Slayer-of-enemies would kill a deer, The Giant would appear, and take away the…

I first met Gunnar maybe twenty years gone now. I knew new his last name, or maybe Gunnar was his his last name, in which case I never knew his first name. He was allas just Gunnar. I had boughten the little Tack and Feed shop just the year before…


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