Talent management has no business in HR
Ted Bauer

An excellent article again pulling no punches regarding what is happening in the real work world and what ‘should be’ happening. I agree completely that people managers (not HR, now totally a CYA function) need to be fully engaged in role development, onboarding, coaching and promotions.

However I have noticed that when this talent development work stream is loaded onto newly minted people managers, it really is not measured, developed or incentive-ized properly in the manager’s own development. Because the talent management tasks are less emphasized in their performance evaluations, these new managers do not focus on it much at all They often do a pretty poor job of the tasks listed, to the point that it would be better if they didn’t do them at all (doing talent management poorly will more often lead to worse retention). Most often when individuals are promoted to people management they are still evaluated and rewarded for “getting $tuff done!” just at the team level of performance. Makes sense, as the promotion to people management is likely for being a kick-a$$ contributor, right?

What they should be rewarded for is metrics that relate to talent development first and foremost and team performance second (performance would tend to be produced naturally from talented and developing team members anyway). Heck, rather than only considering promoting MVP all-star performers, why not consider those that have a natural affinity and interest in coaching and talent development skill sets? Crazy idea, huh?

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