The Butterfly Effect

In a trafficy evening of Bangalore , on my ride back home which on an average takes 20 minutes , eventually took more than an hour anyways…

I was accompanied by my friend , this person (the friend) started to talk about a movie “the butterfly effect” and told me about what was the movie about. It was informative.
In this conversation of 40 minutes I was able to connect the dots but it all sunk in a day later.

I am a person who needs a reason , an explanation about everything happening around me.
I went through a bad phase in life , I have seen worst, but this was closer too (At least in my head it was).
So after reaching home I googled the butterfly effect and this is what Wiki told me- “The butterfly effect is the concept that small causes can have large effects”

I was able to find my reasons.. 
Six months back (my bad phase) I was really chasing for my answers, but now I think I have found it.
That bad phase was created by myself, coz of my nature, my personality, the way I think..
But the thing to notice was that almost everybody who knew my situation told me that this happens , its normal, its a small thing, there are bigger things to do in life.

Fast forward to current day, I am about to enter in the most interesting phase of my life and I leave all the bullshit behind, I am able to find my reasons, a closure via the butterfly effect.
I understood that 6 months back when this small effect (according to my peeps) entered my life and the bigger effects are about to happen… 
The causal effect is directly proportional. (Small Effect → Big Effects) 
Hence proved.

Ok, the gist of all the 200+ words above is that we living our lives with or without all the comforts and struggles will have those highlights in our lives, those spikes in our graph of life, these effects affect us, in short term these affects can put you down , make you overthink days and nights, but when you see this effect after the phase(the bad one) is over you will find those big effects that can shape your life for the better.

So if you are a person in a bad phase(happening coz of the small effect) just embrace that effect which is causing it and believe me like all the other things in life this too shall pass…

And to end this I have to quote something to put things into perspective.
“Don’t fall in small effects…
 Rise for the Bigger ones…”


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