The “Small” Problem: Laptops

Laptops are slowly getting thinner and thinner. This wasn’t a problem back in early 2005, but now times have changed. Laptops have reached such a ridiculous thinness that it's slowly chipping away at practicality. Usually there is a good reason for doing something, but in this case it’s a pissing contest. Although battery life and usability has improved throughout the years, there could be a better outcome.

(my personal laptop)

Dell ($ 899.99)

For school I carry around my Dell Inspiron 7000 series around. At .7 inches the mobility of this product is great, sporting a I7 6500U alongside 12GB of ram, a 512GB SSD all on a 13.3 inch 1080p screen I have no complaints.

(Acer Swift for comparison)

Acer ($ 1099.99)

Now take at this skinny mini up there. This thing is Acer’s new Swift 7 rocking a 13.3 inch 1080p screen, but only 0.39 inches. That’s half the size of my own computer, but at what cost. The 7th generation i5 7Y54 (1.2gGHz, Turbo 3.2GHz)is destroyed by the 6500U(2.5GHz, turbo 3.1GHz). Comparing 15W to 4.5W is obviously not cool but, Acer’s Swift 7 gets a solid 9 hours vs my solid 7.5 hours on the Dell.

I’d take a 1 inch laptop, with 15 hours of battery life. Sacrificing thinness is no problem even at 1 inch the portability is very accessible. Acer’s description of this product says:

Ultrathin doesn’t mean compromising on capabilities.

I feel leaving it at thin, and improving capability might be the answer.

Special Thanks to my bro Burak for introducing me to Medium, Love you bro!

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