Beta testing is designed to stress test your app “outside of the lab”: i.e., what happens when real users get a chance to use your app in whichever ways they like as opposed to how you intended?
How Long Does It Take to Develop a Mobile App?
Josiah Humphrey

Great article. The idea of having the entire company do testing to “break” the app is very valuable.

Only thing I don’t agree with is making the end user a beta tester. Maybe a new start-up or an organization that is releasing a new product for the first time can do this, but a more established company should have a dedicated Test Engineering team. User research, and performing A/B tests on a small audience would be better because you don’t put your loyal users into situations that might jeopardize their experience. When you consider all your users beta testers, it gives off the impression that you’re ok with experimenting on them. If the experiment goes horribly wrong, it’s possible you’ll lose them forever.

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