Dear members of RGS and RGST!

We answer frequent questions:

1. Why was RGS removed from the CMC?

Answer: Our team addressed to CMC by request to stop the display of statistical data on RGS due to the fact that they do not reflect reality and mislead.

The RGST will be added to the CMC after the swap has been completed and our team will complete the terms of the addition.

2. Why was the emission increased in 86 times?

Answer: in the process of changing the team, this unpopular decision was made due to economic circumstances. Previously RGS owned by three very large players, who were provided “pump and dump” asset. We sent them letters of caution and offered to buy some of the tokens. But we didn’t receive an answer. Our team, which has the right in accordance with the rules of the project with the consent of the majority of users, was increased emissions. Most of the new printed tokens were distributed free of charge to increase the number of RGS holders. The main goal is to decentralize the project in accordance with the general idea of blockchain technology.

In the future, the team plans to increase emission, in accordance with the new Road Map. But this increase will be made smoothly, without affecting the course. Not more than 45% of the total for all time.

3. Are we related to CREX24?

Answer: We are not related with this exchange, the project RGS began their journey at this exchange, but after the fact about increasing the number of tokens in Crex24, RGS was removed from the exchange by decision of the management Crex24.

The Crex24’s team wrote to us that they refuse further support of our token due to numerous user complaints. We are very sorry for the loss of this dynamically developing and high-quality exchange, with a great staff of technical specialists. Through Twitter, we officially appeal to the leadership of this exchange.

You can support the RGST. Act as one of the Escrow project! If users wants that RGS return to Crex24, please, support us reposts, petitions in Bitcointalk. We are pleased to develop together!

4. Who is behind the project?

Answer: Currently, the team has changed by 99%. We were approached by RGS project technical specialists who are engaged in the development of technical systems in the gas industry and have achieved significant success in this direction. After negotiations with them, we realized that the project is completely dead and the only thing left is 3–4 “pillars” that earn as parasites on bright ideas. The gas sector is a very closed area. We’re realized that we need to start small — first of all to make prototypes of systems for the needs of domestic users and start selling through the RGST token to everyone who uses gas. Further, as the project increases, we’re planning to deliver gas to users deliver gas to people where it is very difficult to deliver gas. For this we already have a solution!

Our team is not fully formed yet and we need 3–4 technical specialists to remove part of the project tasks from outsourcing. It will save us from unnecessary costs and increase the quality of work.

If you want to become part of the team — we are ready to consider a resume.

5. How will the swap take place?

Answer: the Swap will pass through the official website of the project in semi-automatic mode. If you want to do this, you need to transfer your RGS tokens from MEW or Binance TW wallets to the specified wallet number (24.12.2018 we will publish this number). Within 12 hours you will receive RGST tokens to the address from which RGS tokens are sent.

6. What exchanges will support RGST?

Answer: RGST will start trading on the Altilly exchange to form the initial cost and eliminated the exchange differences in the markets. Altilly exchange is the best way to start — there are no major players who would be able to significantly influence the course and manipulate the course.

Next, we will start implementing the conditions of a major exchange — as soon as possible, so that the interests of all our participants are satisfied.

Every day we receive letters from major exchanges that are ready to support our project after the swap. There are different conditions and requirements. We started with the toughest one to get the project status.

After all, the more exchanges the will be more popular and successful project!

Thank you for supporting RGST

Sincerely, the project team.