Emission, swap and denomination of RGS Token

Hello, dear traders and holders of RGS!

We repeat that the swap network with the denomination of the asset will be held on December 20, 2018 on the exchange CREX24.com
In recent days, there is a lot of conflicting information about project, as well as a sharp decline in total capitalization.

The data on the capitalization of the asset are absolutely unreliable, we directed adjustments to statistical services, now we expect changes.
In addition we report that in compliance with the past the ROAD MAP team had the right to carry out additional issue of tokens for the benefit of development of the project.

This issue was resolved by voting registered in the system of asset holders.

The question is: Why was the emission of tokens increased ?

In connection with the depreciation of all cryptocurrency assets, the RGS has fallen more than all, as the project is new and unknown. RGS reached its minimum value of 000000000001 BTC for 1RGS, large holders sold the asset, considering it unpromising, reducing the rate day after day , in a falling market, many tried to go to Fiat and wait when the asset reaches the bottom and below to go technically can not.

Investors began to buy the asset, trying to take possession of RGS, use the techniques of PUMP and DUMP to make a profit from technical trading.
Accordingly that the price of RGS was at the bottom and the additional issue can not affect the rate of the asset, together with active members of the project, the updated RGS team ( presentation of the formed team will be held in February 2019 ) decided to conduct a network swap to correct code errors, add additional contract functions such as bonuses to holders for loyalty and etc. As well as the issue of tokens was increased in order to attract new users, including those with limited financial capabilities, but actively interested in blockchain technology. Most of the RGS is now distributed free on the CREX24 exchange.

The upcoming update will give new opportunities to the project, as well as to investors who remain with us, but suffer losses due to the persistent negative trend in the crypto-currency market. The upcoming update will introduce you to the latest Smart contract technologies and protect holders As much as possible. No later than 15th of February, 2019, we will provide ready-made real solutions for the gasification of residential buildings and small commercial buildings in areas where the gas pipeline is not available.

No later than March 15, 2019, our team will provide a ready-made solution to ensure safety when using gas in domestic conditions.
No later than 15th of April, 2019 you will see the first professional equipment produced by the RGS team using gas and high pressure ( used for fast welding of all types of metal, as well as metal melting )

After the completion of the swap and denomination, we are expecting a sharp increase in the value of the asset and its acquisition of exchange rate stability.

The exchange of tokens occurs in the proportion of 2000: 1. The total number of coins is reduced to 1 000 000 000.

Thank all the critics for the attention to comments ! All will be taken into account. We are waiting for your suggestions.

Best regards, RGS team