News about RGST and Road map

Dear members of the Russian Gas Technology community!

Congratulations to all with the upcoming 2019 year! Let the coming year be the year of victories and great achievements! As announced recently we introduce you to a brief road map.

January 2019

A) RGSI (Russian Gas Infinity) listing on the exchange.
B) Distributing to all RGST holders RGSI coins (a super-volatile asset that will be used in relations with partners of the RGST ecosystem. RGSI will also be used to popularize the project among numerous members of the Blockchain community)
C) Increase RGST emissions by 45% for the realization of the project objectives, including advertising support throughout the entire 2019 year. As well as service online store project.
D) Handing over the keys of an escrow contract and meeting the technical requirements of a major exchange.
F) Migration of the project to the jurisdiction of Switzerland and Singapore.

February 2019

A) Production at a factory in China of devices allowing to determine the leakage of household gas in the room according to the technical specifications of the RGST team
B) Publish a report, photographs and descriptions of the technical characteristics of the equipment
C) Start of technology implementation in the real economy
D) Publication of equipment specification for gas transportation to remote locations.

March 2019

A) Placing an order for the manufacture of prototypes of products that will produce gas in localities where the gas pipeline is not available.
B) Listing on intermediate exchanges with a turnover of less than $ 10 million
C) Listing on the stock exchange with trade turnover above 50 million dollars.
D) Opening an online store project.
F) The end of the formation of the RGST team

April 2019

A) The choice of an experienced remote location from the central gas pipeline with a population of at least 5000 people. (The settlement will be located outside the Russian Federation, due to the lack of legal regulation of the circulation of cryptocurrency in the Russian Federation. The team considers Brazil and Argentina)
B) Start building infrastructure, ensuring synchronization of cryptocurrency — fiat transactions in the ecosystem
C) Documentation of activities in accordance with the requirements of the state.

May 2019

Updating and adjusting RoadMap

The team understands that not everyone needs and is interested in the development of technologies in the field of consumption and delivery of natural gas. Many are in this project to earn money for speculation, RGSI is the best fit for them — which will be periodically bought and sold in large quantities by our partners to ensure interaction with our ecosystem. Similar transactions will begin in January 2019. RGSI can be regarded as an index of project success.
The RGST is the coin, which is designed to provide payment for the services that the RGST system will provide. It must achieve the lowest volatility and become a stable means of payment. If we consider RGST as an investment, then this is a long-term game, not suitable for the quick realization of goals.

Our rules!

If you buying RGST, RGSI tokens, other services or products of our decentralized system through the website or through other distribution sources you take all the risks upon yourself. The project team notifies of a complete waiver of liability, upon the occurrence or not of any avoidable and unavoidable, accidental and planned circumstances. The team disclaims all responsibility for the loss of funds tokens holders. Not responsible for the safety of RGST, RGSI. It is not responsible for the negative consequences that have occurred or may arise from the use of digital assets, signs, signs, information contained in this project.

We also notify about the impossibility of legal use of RGST, RGSI by citizens of USA, China and other countries where the turnover of tokens, digital assets is prohibited, or may be banned in the future.

We do not call for investment, are notified that any of your funds may be lost. Investing and trading crypto assets is high risk!

If for some participants of the RGST ecosystem our rules seem unacceptable, they can always leave the project and the team can redeem their assets, at the latest exchange price, through contacting technical support for the project.

For those who purchased RGS through ICO and were not satisfied with the project policy and the team’s activities, we open the opportunity, after publishing this notice within 6 months, contact RGST technical support and your tokens will be purchased by the team at the ICO price with accrual of 6% per annum.

Thank you for supporting us with the best wishes of the RGST Team.