On the situation with trading

Dear users, due to an unexpected delisting token RGS from the exchange
crex24.com RGS team delayed the swap for 14 days. All this time RGS team needs to find a new exchange on which to continue trading.

All minting tokens within the framework of achieving decentralization of the
project should be implemented. The exchange of tokens occurs in the proportion of 2000:1.

Now trading is proceed on the exchange www.altilly.com. The exchange rate
difference is + 900 % of the price’s crex24.com

We will also set up a token sale via the official website rusgas.io at the latest price crex24.com

In order to do this you need to send the fund to this wallet:
The minimum purchase amount is 0.5 ETH.
After that, an equivalent amount of RGS tokens will be sent to your wallet.
If you have transferred your money to this wallet but RGS runs out, your money will be returned back to your account.

The next step of the RGS team will be listing RGS token to the exchange with a
turnover of at least 10 000 000 dollars per day.
So far, we don’t know what is actually the reason for the removal our token from the crex24.com exchange.

If you want the token to be added to the crex24.com again then write your
suggestion about this to the exchange on twitter or bitcointalk.org and maybe it will affect the decision of the management and RGS token will be restored.

Regardless of the situation, all the team’s plans will be implemented we will do our utmost to implement the plans in accordance with the new road map.

P.S. If you want to support our project, you can transfer the funds:
BTC 122ebXdySF46fjTsciQURgxaqSqhj9T1K2

We will inform you daily about the news!