Please be careful

Dear members of RUSGAS Technology project.

Please be careful and don’t send your tokens for exchange to the addresses as specified in the Trollbox in the exchange or on the different forums.

24.12.2018 until 16: 00 UTC RGST team will post information on the official website of on which address to transfer tokens for exchange. We’re informing you that Binance Trusr Wallet also supports the exchange of RGS token for RGST

We have agreed to list our token with a major exchange whose daily turnover exceeds $ 50 million .

Our team was exposed to strict conditions for the listing, which we will announce after the swap and which we intend to fulfill in the near future. For the most part, this conditions are relate to the transfer of all escrow contract keys and the equal distribution of tokens to the project participants.

Sincerely, RGST team