RGS is changing and getting better! We announce reboot!

Congratulations to all participants of the project ! We are updating the RGS Blockchain!

The new team found a number of serious vulnerabilities of the contract and decided to make an update.

This will make RGS safer, faster, and open up new opportunities for crediting Loyalty Bonuses.

In order to increase the speed of the transaction, reduce the cost , the new team decided to carry out the Denomination of the asset at the time of updating the network.

Together with the exchange CREX24.com , we are updating RGS, in the period until December 20, 2018 to 23: 59 UTC, please transfer all available RGS tokens to the cryptocurrency exchange CREX24.com , the network swap will happen automatically. After that, RGS will be available again for operations. Holders who don’t have time to complete the transition process, we will provide an additional opportunity through the official website of the project , but in this case the transition may be difficult or impossible.

Be warned that the team declines any responsibility if before 23:59 20.12.2018 your RGS will be absent from the exchange CREX24.com .

RGS is changing and getting better!




rusgas.io /// twitter.com/RusGasOfficial

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rusgas.io /// twitter.com/RusGasOfficial

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