On Nicolas Colin’s criticism of basic income
Taylor Scollon

Great rebuttal! I do want to emphasize that universal basic does not just create a safety mechanism for risk taking but also works as a preventative measure such as vaccines in deterioration in health. There is usually a clear connection between health risk and lower socioeconomic status that is rarely discussed as an argument. Coming from a primary health care background, I cannot emphasize enough the number of health risks that could have been avoided if patients had basic access to food, housing and even a support network. Yes there are programs out there but they are grossly inefficient and in certain instances too late to do any benefit — one reason I think childhood development should be the focus of government policy in the biopyschosocial context. Creating a simplistic system that complements existing system may have political risks but it does not mean giving up the good fight. I fight for my patients and I believe this is a concept worth looking into and even researching.