What Bernie Has Meant to Us as a Muslim Special Needs Family

Emotions are still running high for many of us as we come to terms with the end of Bernie’s campaign. To process this moment with you, I’d like to share something personal. It’s the story of a first-time voter, my little brother Mohammed. He’s the reason I’ve been working tirelessly the past year as a volunteer to mobilize Muslims as a unified bloc for the Senator. I like to think the baraka of his vote played a special role in helping us win California.

Last Friday marked the 55th anniversary of Malcolm X’s assassination. He was remembered for many things: his remarkable intellect, his spiritually uplifting leadership, his unwavering commitment to truth, his fearlessness in speaking that truth to power. But a side of Malcolm few highlighted is his brilliance as a political strategist. This is the side that Muslims who invoke him as their leader would be wise to draw inspiration from this election season. On Super Tuesday, we should take cues from Malcolm on how we vote.

I became interested in Malcolm’s strategic side shortly after the democratic primary race began last…

Thirty years with my special brother

This past summer, I shared a side of myself in a Facebook post I had never spoken about publicly before, and I haven’t felt the same since. Something gave way inside of me after I typed it up. Suddenly, mind fog started to dissipate and turn into clarity as difficult life experiences I had struggled to understand and cope with came into pristine focus and suddenly began to make sense. It felt like a crack: an avalanche seemed to break, the floodgates seemed to fling open. Disparate memories — painful ones and tender ones — rushed over me and took…

Designing Plastic Waste out of the Economy

On July 22, 2017, our OpenIDEO Palo Alto Chapter team had the pleasure of hosting 35 passionate innovators at the SAP AppHaus for our first event, an energetic 5-hour Ideation Jam to explore solutions to one of the world’s most challenging problems: the abundance of plastic waste. Growing out of the Circular Design Challenge, our event was part of a global OpenIDEO community effort to understand the principles of the circular economy and apply them towards our broken plastics system. …

Rusha Latif

Design Strategist + Researcher + Author of “Tahrir’s Youth” (Spring 2019)

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