Inside the mind of India’s chief tech stack evangelist
Kiran Jonnalagadda

As an active iSpirt Volunteer at the grassroots level (my goal is to help product startups and I have never met Sharad Sharma), I feel that the goal of helping product startups and supporting IndiaStack are two different things.

There has always been bravado around iSpirt, which felt like a distraction, and now based on Kiran Jonnalagadda’s analysis above, it seems like this is a disturbing pattern and the truth must come out.

On the other hand, I think Aadhar is just the username and not the password and the real problem lies in the departments that actually hold private data. There are serious security breaches and privacy leaks from various government departments, and this is a much bigger cause to fight. You need a “sexy” villain to make a fight (Aadhar, Facebook), but real work is also needed in the trenches.

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