Easier said than done.
Jagesha Thaker

Yes I agree there is too much bias (money) involved on both sides to be able to make objective judgements based presented facts. One of the analogies I use is homeopathy. Homeopathy is pseudo science, there is no conclusive evidence it is better than a placebo but yet we see so many people subscribe to it. When you start an argument, they say, look at big pharma and the misinformation they spread, research they sponsor, and so on.

But if you look at the long run, western medicine had been a massive success, specially treating life threatening diseases, by judging how long people live these days. But it still has a bad name (like the Congress Party for example). The fact is that big pharma is corrupt but it’s methods are not beyond redemption. It needs new practitioners, just like secularism.

The problem with liberalism is that the so called practitioners are corrupt and they need to be replaced. The ideas are still good. What we need is to be able to do good work, organise well and practice what we preach, then let the better idea win!

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