UX Research: A system for wedding planning

Creating a system which will help the bride, groom, their parents and the wedding planner to smoothly plan a wedding. The system will also help the guests to be up to date with the wedding. This is an intuitive system which will help you keep a track of the wedding and keep the user up to date with all the events, avoiding stress.

The Challenge

To create a system providing all the details for effortlessly planning the wedding without any chaos.

Problem Statement

There is not any wedding application which connects the wedding planner, the couple and the guests. It gets tedious having multiple checklists and constantly asking the wedding planner to contact vendors. It is difficult for the guests to remember the room numbers.

Main Goal

The main objective is to provide the user with a system which will help them seamlessly keep a track of the whole planning of the wedding along with inspiration, advice and support.


The function and interface of the system is slightly different for the bride and groom and the wedding planner. While the couple can only see the details regarding their own wedding, the planner can change couples and keep data of multiple couples at the same time.

Desk Research

  • The most auspicious dates are found between late October and December, so this is commonly known as the Indian wedding season. All told, there are about 30,000 weddings taking place per day, on average, in India. That works out to over 9 lakh weddings per month, and more than 10 million per year, of which about 80% are Hindu weddings. (wikipedia.com)
  • According to a report by KPMG in 2017, the Indian wedding industry is estimated to be around $40–50 billion in size. It is the second largest wedding market after USA, which is at $70 billion.
  • Brides now come armed with a lot of research and know exactly what colours dominate a particular wedding season.
  • “Brides don’t mind buying their wedding ensemble online. Traditionally, people wanted to look and feel the fabric and texture before buying an expensive saree or lehenga (long skirt). But now they are more open to online shopping.” (bbc.com)

Stakeholder Mapping

Competitor’s Audit

Direct competitors

  • WedMeGood
  • The Big Day
  • Wedding Sutra

Indirect Competitors

  • Pinterest (inspirations)
  • Instagram (inspirations)
  • Event planners
  • Calendar / Notes

Competitor’s SWOT Analysis

Persona Mapping and Journey Mapping

Wedding Planner Persona
Bride Persona 1
Bride Journey
Bride Persona 2
Groom Persona
Guest Persona
Guest Journey

Empathy Mapping

Key Takeaways

The couple :

  • The budget it the most important thing.
  • All the preparations should be perfect and on schedule.
  • They need to keep checking if everything is happening properly.
  • Need to keep calling the guests to invite them.

The wedding planner :

  • Have to always meet the demands of the couple.
  • Last minute changes should not create chaos.
  • Catering is the most important and difficult task.

The guests :

  • Don't know or keep forgetting who is staying in which room.
  • Need to keep asking for the ceremony venue and other details.

Features of the system

Creating a system to solve all the above problem which will make your wedding planning simpler.

  • Easy to get tasks done
  • Breaks down tasks into small manageable ones that include all the details.
  • Easy to track and keep track of information
  • Any information you put in or search in the wedding app is stored, so you need not worry about losing any information. This is particularly helpful when it comes to logistics apps.
  • Any information you put is streamlined and it’s easy to generate reports that give you all the required information at a glance.
  • Won’t forget the little details
  • Can help you manage everything, including even the most minute details.
  • Stay on top of your budget and save time
  • Can help you reduce the amount of time you spend searching for any vendor/service and help you find anything you need easily. Setting up an appointment, connecting, hiring everything is done quickly and doesn’t drag for days.
  • As all the information including the budget is available to you, you can choose to contact people in your price range thereby saving time as well as your hard-earned money!
  • Do things Independently
  • It lets you do anything you want by yourself. You don't need to go to ask anyone about every single problem, you can find everything you want in the system itself.
  • Receive the best tips for your special day
  • See inspirations and tips from previous couples or wedding planners to avoid doing the mistakes they did.

Informational Hierarchy

Navigation Flow

Information Architecture


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