Affiliate Location Extensions In AdWords For Retail Products [2017 VIDEO TUTORIAL 7]

I. Introduction

Zdravstvuyte Internet Advertising Professionals, and the great masses who want to become an AdWords Pro. It’s time for ADWORDS WEEKEND video tutorial #7. I won’t leave you in suspense any longer; today we’re exploring the topic of “Affiliate Location Extensions In AdWords For Retail Products”.

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Enough intro, Affiliate Location Extensions await us?

II. What Is An ‘Affiliate Location Extension’?

It makes sense to begin by first clarifying what is an ’Affiliate Location Extension’. But more important than that is how it differs from a ’Location Extension’, which was the topic of the previous video tutorial #6.

  1. Question #1: Does your client produce or manufacture a physical product?
  2. Question #2: If so, does your client sell that product in a national retail store?

If both of these are true, then you should impress your client by creating ’Affiliate Location Extensions’ for the products they sell.

3. Point #3: The distinction is that an ’Affiliate Location Extension’ answers a search query for a PRODUCT.

4. Point #4: A ’Location Extension’ answers a search query for a LOCATION.

5. Point #5: You do NOT have to link to your client’s Google My Business account in order to set up an Affiliate Location Extension. That’s what we saw in the previous video.

III. Affiliate Location Extensions Examples

If any of that was confusing, no worries because I always begin with some examples.

The ad on the left showed up after a user searched for “Digiorno Pizza”. This is a frozen pizza product, which according to the ad, appears to be sold at a 7-Eleven nearby. Notice the tiny map symbol. If you click the 7-Eleven link, a map will open to guide you there. That’s pretty cool.

Now compare this to another client of yours who owns a pizza restaurant, and somebody does a search for a place to eat pizza. That would be a Location Extension, NOT an Affiliate Location Extension.

The ad on the right represents someone who did a product search for a “Sony TV”. There’s that map symbol with the link that says there are 3 stores nearby that sell Sony televisions.

Again, think about the comparison with a Location Extension. This ad does NOT represent a search for the Sony office or headquarters. Nor is this a search for an electronics store called Sony. Both of those would be a match for ’Location Extensions’, but NOT ’Affiliate Location Extension’, which again is for PRODUCTS.

Enough said, let’s create one these guys.

IV. Ad Extensions Summary Screen

You begin at usual place, which is the Ad Extensions Summary Screen. We arrived here by clicking Ads & Extensions on the left, followed by the EXTENSIONS link here at the top.

This list is way too long, so I’ll change the view to only show Affiliate Location Extensions using this filter link that currently says Extension Type: All.

V. Change View To Only See ‘Affiliate Location Extensions’

Click the filter link; check Affiliate Location Extension; click APPLY; see the results.

VI. Create A New AdWords Extension

Of course if this is your first one, the result is an empty screen like you see here.

So let’s create a new Extension. Click the blue + button, which brings up the entire list of Extension choices. Here’s the one we want. Select it and you are all set.

VII. The List Of Affiliate Stores

If you live anywhere in the United States you will recognize the stores in this list. That’s because they are all major national chains. It looks like Google currently works with 81 of them. If you scroll through the list, you’ll get an idea of how you’re supposed to use this extension type, and how it’s nothing like a ’Location Extension’ which again we saw in the previous tutorial #6.

VIII. Choose The Affiliate Stores

So let’s assume you have a client that makes baby products and she’s lucky enough to sell them at BabiesRUs. Select it in the list and have a look at the results in the live preview on the right.

Believe it or not, that’s it. There is nothing else for you to do here because Google has all the location information it needs to direct anybody, anywhere in the United States to the nearest BabiesRUs store. Thank you Google Maps.

Now click SAVE.

IX. Ad Extensions Summary Screen

Excellent work, we’re back where we started. Notice that the long Extensions list is still filtered, so the only extension we see is the one I just created. Well that certainly is convenient. We are finished.


Let’s go over a few tips:


ADWORDS WEEKEND over… for the topic “Affiliate Location Extensions In AdWords For Retail Products”. I anticipate that it was helpful to you.

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