Call-Only Campaigns In AdWords: Talk To Customers [VIDEO TUTORIAL 14]

I. Introduction

How are you Internet Advertising Professionals, and those with the ambition to learn and master Google AdWords. Welcome to ADWORDS WEEKENDvideo tutorial #14. Today’s subject: ”Call-Only Campaigns In AdWords: Talk To Customers”.

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Now let’s create an AdWords Call-Only Campaign.

II. Call-Only Campaign Description

Perhaps you have a client such as a taxi company, or a plumber, or any type of emergency repair service or even a help service. These types of businesses are ideal for Call-Onlyads because that’s exactly what they want: they want customers to call them.

In more detail, these types of businesses want people to take out their mobile phone, type in a search for their specific service, and click a call button.

How easy is that? Extremely easy, with zero friction. And that’s the whole idea behind Google AdWords Call-Only Campaigns. And that’s why they work so well.

III. Call-Only Ad Examples

I’m sure everybody would appreciate seeing some examples before I get into the details.

The one thing that distinguishes a Call-Only Ad from other AdWords ads is that it begins with a phone number. You will not see this anywhere else.

Look at the ad on the left, which leads with a prominent phone number plus a CALL button. Okay, I lied. There are 2 things that distinguish a Call-Only Ad. See that green URL? It is NOT a link. It is NOT clickable. If you click on this ad it only does one thing -- it launches the User’s telephone app, ready to make a call.

Everything I just said also applies to the ad on the right. Notice the long URL. I realize that it looks similar to a link that you can click, but you cannot.

IV. Campaign Type Selection

You start a Call-Only Campaign on the same selection screen as any other campaign type. Choose Search Network and let’s get to it.

V. Call-Only Campaign Configuration

After choosing the Search Networkcampaign type, you must then define your goal for this campaign. In our case, that’s an easy question. You want people to “Call Your Business”. Select that option, and then you’ll see 3 more fields underneath.

Here you enter your client’s Web address, choose the country, then type in their phone number in the correct format for that country.

Now click CONTINUE.

VI. Call-Only Campaign Configuration (continued)

Under the Languages section choose All Languages. Remember, this setting is determined by what language the User’s Web browser is set to. I don’t actually care what language sombebody’s browser is set to, as long as they also speak English.

Everything under the Biddingsection is up to you and your client. For phone calls I like to use Maximize Clicks, because immediately after that you can enter a Cost-Per-Click limit, which I set here at $5 dollars. So even though I’m telling AdWords that I want it to go get as many clicks as possible, I’m preventing it from getting overly zealous with ridiculously high bids.

Also, under the Daily Budgetsection I’m further controlling the amount that my client will spend on phone calls. Since I set it to $25 dollars, and with a maximum CPC of $5 dollars, that implies that my client is willing to pay for 5 phone calls a day.

VII. Call-Only Campaign Configuration (continued)

Next up is the Ad Schedule section. This is extremely important because you only want Call-Only ads to run when your client is available to answer the phone. Find that out first before you start this entire process.

Moving on to the Ad Rotationsection. Since my habit is to write 3–4 ads for every Ad Group, I like to use Rotate Indefinitely, and then check back in 6 months and delete the worst performing ad.

Finally, pay close attention to the Location Options section. The first option is the default: ”People in, or who show interest in, your targeted locations”. If you think about it for just a moment, this default setting makes NO sense for Call-Only ads because the Searcher MUST be in your target country in order for them to be able to make a phone call.

So make sure you change this to the second option: ”People in your targeted locations”.

That’s it my AdWords audience. After this you create your usual Ad Groups and fill them with awesome ads.


How about some SUMMARY TIPS.


Call ended, and another ADWORDS WEEKEND video tutorial completed. I trust that you got something from this lesson that I titled ”Call-Only Campaigns In AdWords: Talk To Customers”. Now go make your client’s phone ring.

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