Before and after, Orbitkey 2.0 keeps keys neat

Orbitkey 2.0 Review: Key Carry Innovation Like No Other

After much anticipation & another hugely successful 10,230 unit, US$552,501 Kickstarter, Orbitkey 2.0 has landed at Rushfaster.

With improved build quality and a sleeker design, Orbitkey 2.0 pushes the boundaries in the world of key carry yet again. Let’s run through what makes Orbitkey 2.0 so very, very good…

Orbitkey 2.0 in the three different ranges: leather, canvas and active rubber.

Quite simply, Orbitkey 2.0 makes carrying keys the seamless experience it should be. It turns your keys into a compact unit by stacking and covering them. Simple, yes, but the genius in this simplicity is that it helps you avoid scratching your phone, slims your pocket and means keys don’t poke into your leg (next time that happens, just remember this article and come back to Rushfaster to pick one up). It also keeps your keys super quiet… no more noisy keys!

Orbitkey 2.0 keeps your pockets slim… and slim = sweet!

In 2.0, guided by user feedback, Orbitkey have improved key (yes, key) aspects of their original key organiser. For one, stainless steel has replaced aluminium. This means the hardware is now 40% slimmer without sacrificing durability. And we all know slim = sweet!

There are also more band options in the Orbitkey 2.0 to suit your unique lifestyle. Cushioned leather is the most refined style and a big improvement over 1.0, while the Active rubber range has come back with more colours and a new pattern. The Canvas range is the new kid on the block and is great for those who aren’t into leather or rubber (did we just say that?). Personally, we’re big fans of the new black-on-black Leather Orbitkey 2.0. Because… black-on-black!

The Orbitkey 2.0 Multi-tool.

If all that wasn’t enough, what’s really taken us by storm is the Rushfaster community’s demand for the newly released Orbitkey 2.0 Multi Tool. With these in your pockets, you’re ready for any occasion… though for us that occasion tends to be opening beer… but hey, what an occasion… beer!. Aside from the multi tool, if you’re someone who is always working on the go, you’ll appreciate one of their other accessories — their slim USB 3.0 sticks and they still have the basic bottle opener that was hugely successful in 1.o.

The Orbitkey 2.0 range.

With Orbitkey 2.0, Orbitkey have gone from strength to strength. They’ve vastly improved on their award-winning product without losing the simplicity and elegance that made the original so great.

If this sounds like the life-changing keyring of your dreams, grab an Orbitkey 2.0 for yourself at Rushfaster.