Beginning of GSoC 2019 with OpenMRS

Rushi Chaudhari
May 23, 2019 · 2 min read
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Selection in GSoC 2019 is like a miracle for me. I still remember that night, I went to bed and suddenly I heard pop-up sound from my mobile. I got a message from one of my friend “Congrats bro, your proposal get selected for GSoC”. I was so surprised at that moment. I checked the GSoC website for confirmation of my selection.

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Selection for GSoC 2019

On the next day, I checked the official list of selected students with their projects on the OpenMRS talk forum and again I got a new surprise there😃 . I assigned for a new project. Yeah !! I also shocked. At that time I was a little bit confused but after some discussion with mentors, I was cleared with my project selection.

How everything started …

I heard about GSoC from my friends and I realized that this is the opportunity which I’m always seeking. I started to collect all the information related to the Google Summer of Code. I found an open source organization which is best for me which is “OpenMRS”.I started learning about OpenMRS software. Initially, it was difficult to understand the working of the software but thanks to the documents created by the OpenMRS developers. It helps me a lot. Slowly I started contributing and I get more familiar with it.

Tips for newbie :If you are new to open source and if you want to start contributing with java, then OpenMRS is the best option for you, cause all members of this community are very helpful and interactive.

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What am I working on

I’m working on the Patient Search Criteria module. In this project, I have to create a new module that will provide the different types of search criteria for the patient search. With the help of this module, the user can search the patient not only by name or id but also by gender and age, birthdate.

For this project, I’m getting great guidance from my mentor Kaweesi Joseph and Herbert Yiga sir.

This is the start of the journey and I know, in this journey I will get an awesome new experience 😁 with the community.

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