GSoC Journey: Week 6

Rushi Chaudhari
Jul 9 · 1 min read

In the last week, I created a controller and resource for a patient search criteria module. This week, I added a web service search handler for patient search criteria resource. The search handler provides the different custom search capability for any resource.

With the help of search handler, module supports the following REST endpoints for patient search :

  1. byNameOrId: GET /ws/rest/v1/patientsearch/patient?q={NameOrId}
  2. byGender: GET /ws/rest/v1/patientsearch/patient?gender={M/F}
  3. byBirthdate: GET /ws/rest/v1/patientsearch/patient?birthdate={long int value of birthdate}
  4. byRangeOfAge: GET /ws/rest/v1/patientsearch/patient?from={min age}&to={max age}
  5. byNameOrIdAndGender: GET /ws/rest/v1/patientsearch/patient?q={NameOrId}&gender={M/F}
  6. byNameOrIdAndBirthdate: GET /ws/rest/v1/patientsearch/patient?q={NameOrId}&birthdate={long int value of birthdate}
  7. byNameOrIdAndRangeOfAge: GET /ws/rest/v1/patientsearch/patient?q={NameOrId}&from={min age}&to={max age}
  8. byNameOrIdAndGenderAndBirthdate: GET /ws/rest/v1/patientsearch/patient?q={NameOrId}&gender={M/F}&birthdate={long int value of birthdate}
  9. byNameOrIdAndGenderAndRangeOfAge: GET /ws/rest/v1/patientsearch/patient?q={NameOrId}&gender={M/F}&from={min age}&to={max age}
  10. byGenderAndBirthdate: GET /ws/rest/v1/patientsearch/patient?gender={M/F}&birthdate={long int value of birthdate}
  11. byGenderAndRangeOfAge: GET /ws/rest/v1/patientsearch/patient?q={NameOrId}gender={M/F}&from={min age}&to={max age}

Also I created unit test cases for the patient search handler. For this, PatientSearchHandlerTest extends MainResourceControllerTest. MainResourceControllerTest provides prerequests for the test cases design for testing the REST API endpoints.

Reference: Adding Web Service Search Handler

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