BIBIT BOT REVIEWS | Bibitbot is not a scam but a good arbitrage bot!

Many people who are interested in crypto-trading are constantly in search of good apps and servises which are developed to daily trading and help not to waste trader’s time

Today we want to talk about one of the most sensational bot which rightfully occupies a leading position in the arbitration market and has a lot of positive feedback from its users. We also want to dispel several myths about bot and its work and show real testimonials from its buyers which have recently bought a bot(or use it for a long time)

If you are also like to compare novelties in the trader’s market and choose the best goods like we are, then our review for arbitrage bot- Bibit bot is for you. Let’s go!

  1. What is Bibit bot and does it really work?

Bibibot is a personal telegram bot which notice any good situation and let you know about it by sending a notification.

The task of this bot is to look for the differences in the rates of coins on different exchanges and quickly report it to you. By the end of the day you would probably have 15k notifications but remember that you can change settings depending on your wishes. You can put any percent the arbitrage transaction on each currency, for example, to receive a notification from 1 of 3 or 5 percent. Your task is to check notifications and always keep a mobile phone with you to quickly make a bargain.

Yes, Bibit bot works and do it right!

2. Bibit bot features and comparison with other popular bots

Bibit bot has a lot of features to claim that it is one of the best bots.

We are going only to list them.

If you want more, you can check and read a full review of Bibit bot

  • Personalized notification settings
  • Not an automatic bot
  • Quick changing system to another exchanges and more then 2000 coins supported by Bibitbot
  • Bibibtbot controls market every 4 seconds
  • Free 24/7 support
  • Assistance in exploring the basic skills of crypto-trading on exchanges
  • Payment for the service through the garant payment system
  • Opportunity to trade with a capital from 150$
  • Fast and easy notifications
  • 0 BTC deposit

3. Negative about the project Bibit bot in Internet

We have been doing our own investigation about Bibit bot. We explored a lot of trader’s forums and arbitrage between exchanges forums.We run into positive reviews as like as run into negative posts.Riding before the hounds we can safely claim that all negative reviews were not confirmed and all of them was an puff piece. Most of these review were non-constructive, illogical criticism to Bibit bot rather than correct reviews(or at least not puff piece).

4.First Bibit bot problem is a payment

The first one negative comment we saw:

“Their payment processor is Coinpayment and they won’t receive any payment until traders get access to the arbitrage trading strategy. Bibitbot is giving a guarantee, but still there is no assurance of any kind.”

Okay, we understood that people do not know how to search info via Internet but we recommend to read news or, at least, check Google. I think people stopped thinking.

Coinpayment is a system which has already won a leading position thanks to its open policy. The system has two-factor authentication for any operation (entry, transfer, purchase, exchange and so on), which increases security. This is said on the official website. You can find it.

Of course, almost everyone has their own cons, you can also see them on Coinpayment website( for example, a commission of the system is 0.5% but this is probably a plus than a minus). Co-payment is a multi-currency wallet and it has a 100% guarantee that all transfers are made safely. Team and developers of Bibit bot cooperate with Coinpayment but Coinnpayment is not Bibit bot. Therefore, this negative review, in our opinion, does not apply to arbitrage bot Bibit bot.

5. Bibit bot technology and its accountable to users and potential users

Some of people nitpick the fact that Bibit bot website do not have an information about the technology which is used by bot. They say it is not discussed. We also run into a testimonial that claims that there is no people who use that bot, that’s why there is a huge percent that its a scam and who get coins and suddenly disappear to be untracked.

Bibitbot technology is exactly the same as any other bot. The only difference is that Bibit bot is not an automatic bot but a manual one. This mean that the principle of Its operation is only to send notifications to the user’s phone. By the way, the user can choose the difference in the rates manually and receive notifications only at a specified percentage interval.

It means that the technology of bot is easier than others because bot is not focused on closing deals itself. It just sends notifications to a user.The people who are responsible for developing are not really listed on the site.Where did you see the names of all the developers on the website of programs, systems and so on? Anyone can find their address registration, phone number, contact details on their own website. Bibitbot has its own registration and representative. What does it mean? Government provides for mandatory registration of economic activities. The registration of any firm initially gives many positive privileges and opportunities of legal protection of the state as well as for its clients. If you want to contact or talk with representative, he must say name and surname.

During our investigation, we called the main office and we personally spoke with the developer who answered all our questions in detail. This fact we want to confirm that communication with Bibitbot is REAL and possible at any time of the day. Everyone can call them to get answers to all questions( even the most stupid).

6. The real negative testimonials of Bibitbot.

The most interesting moment in our investigation

We saw only positive reviews about Bibit bot on many sites but we also heard from a critic(let it be mister X) that Bibit bot testimonials seem fake on their website does, like there are no images of people, their statements are meaningless and do not help others.

This is one of the critics point of view.

Another critic( let it be mister Y) spoke very negatively about the bot and claimed that website shows all fake reviews.There was a review from Kevin Hart with his photo but it was photo of a University of Tennessee teacher. Mister Y claimed that this person never used the program and hi isn’t close to arbitrage business. Was it a fake testimonial?

We called the office of Bibit bot and asked about this situation. Our entire conversation was recorded on audio and what they told:

«We DO not display fake testimonials.The sales page is using a photo that belongs to our clients. This is a true representation.Our representative received a telegram a review from a person Kevin Hart with that photo which you saw on official website. Our website does not have photos right now because of a new update.After investigation we removed photo of a lecturer of Tennessee University from the website but you still can see a real comment from the real person.»

This actually was a big problem for Bibit bot which bring a lot of difficulties to Bibit bot.

But developers were able to cope with it, because in fact they were not quilty.

All reviews for Bibit bot is received in their telegram chats. People know that anyone can put fake photo and use stranger names.

Anyone can see and read all testimonials in online chats. If you like this bot you can write them even right now. Your testimonial will be seen by others. That is the way how to check out whether testimonials fake or real.

Meanwhile we found positive video-reviews for Bibit bot

By the way we claim that all negative reviews seemed so strange to us and we tried get feedback from people who wrote a review. We wanted to know have ever they used Bibit bot. However, we didn’t get a feedback because they didn’t answer. SO it seems these testimonials were from people who might not even have used the bot but only wrote a review because they had to do that.

Meanwhile, we also found positive video reviews of people on the Internet .the link to the video on utube on the Egyptian

Despite the fact that we found negative revies we FOUND NO real forum reviews claiming that Bibit bot is a scam

CONCLUSION REMARKS: 0 negative comments from real people

OUR RATING: Bibit bot is not Scam but a good bot!

We check and evaluate new programs, sevices or bots in the market of cryptocurrency for a long time.

We have checked Bibit bot and we are saying « IT IS NOT SCAM»