Apple, it’s time to merge iOS with macOS
Avi Barel


Great discussion and article. I use and own too many machines; MacBook Pro, MacPro, iMac27", Surface Pro 4, and HP ProBook. Whew. I have also owned Apple iPhones and iPads. I support an iPad for my mother. I also own several Android Tablets (Note12, Lenovo 8) and use daily my Note4 for a phone.

With that as a background, I love the MacOS and really like the Surface Pro 4. Windows OS continues to be a kludge, but is slooooowly getting better and less buggy. After using Android OS on my mobile devices I cannot imagine suffering through Apple’s lame IOS again! I feel like I am stepping back in time to the 80’s with their mobile OS. If that OS group infects the MacOS group we are doomed.

This maybe why Apple has been so slow to merge the two. The idea of “simple” is great, but IOS is neither simple or intuitive. For some reason, no one uses Android in the IOS development group or been keeping up with the major innovations that continue to appear.

Your suggestions and examples are great, but my fear is that it's a management/leadership issue that would result in a disaster. It is likely this reason that Microsoft still has not re-written their OS to the standards of the 90's+. It takes vision, leadership and balls to make these kinds of changes and big companies lack in all three areas.


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