The Case For Making Hillary Clinton President — And Not Mike Pence — After Trump Is Impeached
Allan Ishac

While we are exploring crazy alternatives who would you propose becomes President after Hillary is indicted and impeached? Would Pence then become President? Louis Farrakhan?

Will we even have a country to govern following a Chinese invasion immediately after China’s surrogate and stepchild North Korea detonates a “rogue” EMP weapon over the US?

Will there even be a country to govern given the fact that the Yellowstone Caldera is ready to explode and render most of the US uninhabitable?

No one knows what is going to happen. What we do know is that Congress needs to get its collective ass in gear and start legislating. The Democrats told the country that once an independent prosecutor was in place that they would move on and wait for his conclusions. That has not happened.

What the Democrats ARE doing is assuring that if fantasy #1 comes true the Republicans and citizens will be so embittered that the current silly Trump scenario will be replaced by and equally silly Hillary conspiracy scenario. Congressional paralysis and the insolvency of the US government will ensue, which is maybe the goal of many on the left, but I would hope not.

So logic would dictate that both sides need to put their adult pants on and get to real work. The Democrats could look like the geniuses they proclaim to be by offering up legislative solutions to their network, CNN, to embarrass the Republicans and show the American people that they should be given another 8 years to figure it out. We are told that Hillary is way smarter than Obama. But we have never seen his transcripts to know otherwise.

The whole situation is a mess and in a sad state of affairs. Self interest rules and no one is looking out for our country and its citizens. The pigs are so intent on getting their place at the trough that they cannot think. So let’s continue the crazy fantasies so we will never have to actually think or govern, just hate, insult and mock. It’s fun and profitable just ask Colbert.

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