Call the Coastguard — it’s Microadventure time!

It’s an opportunity not to miss but will I succeed in the challenge I’ve set myself?

With so much bad news around, it’s time for a rebalancing microadventure, and my first on a tidal island. I’ve left Mr R at our cosy hotel, Mum & Dad in their caravan and am expecting a night to remember.

The island of Worms Head, sits about 1km off the end of beautiful Rhossili Bay and is only accessible at low tide.

Earlier on, unaware of my intentions, the excellent volunteers of the National Coastwatch Institution had shared causeway crossing times, and cautionary tales of tide-bound tourists.

Suddenly I realised that I need to share my plans before they tried to rescue me too. So my details are passed to the Coastguard and, in total contrast to my usual secret outings, tonight I’m officially microadventuring!

Trying to find the best line across the causeway

Soon after setting off, I feel nervous and seriously think about turning back; crossing the rocky causeway involves hands-on scrambling at times, is further than it initially looked and tides and daylight are against me. Even the fishermen think I should be heading inland, like them.

Just in time, I climb up to a flat bivvi spot on top of steep-sided Inner Head.

Sunrise over my bivvi and the Gower Peninsular

Birdsong wakes me during a beautiful sunrise over the Gower Peninsular. With further sleep eluding me, and being stranded until 7am, there’s lots of time to enjoy the company of seabirds, seals, monster jellyfish and distant dolphins, all with the most amazing vista.

Seals and giant jellyfish 164ft below
The adjoining Outer Head, access restricted for nesting seabirds
Giant Jellyfish on the causeway

The time has come to wander back to meet a very patient Mr R for a cracking Welsh full English breakfast.

The way back to the mainland

Feeling rebalanced and remembering that whatever is happening elsewhere, the tide, and the sun, will always rise and fall just as they had on my little island last night.

Altogether, another amazing microadventure experience.

Rock pools teaming with life and creating regular obstacles on the causeway

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