Push and Pull

Why couldn’t she stop running?The thing is,that’s what she knew.Growing up, her parents never had a home and so they constantly moved from place to place.From what, she never knew,they were not rich,but she had everything she needed.

After her parents divorced when she was 19,she moved away from home to start her own life.She tried odd jobs here and there but none excited her enough to stay.

There’s much she wanted to do with her life.Travel,volunteer,but she wasn’t at a place where she felt financially stable.Her pride wouldn’t allow her to borrow from anyone either.

Every time she hit a snag,she packed her things and left,hoping the next town or the one after that would have more opportunities.

It never happened though,here she was at 52,childless and unmarried.Not because of a lack of good men,but because of who she was.Just like she run away from struggles and consistency,she ran away from relationships.

One particular man came to mind one night.His name was Matt.he was tall,blonde and Bristish.Single and unmarried.They had met a few years prior and they hit it off immediately.He was doing philanthropy work in Africa and he had come home for vacation.She would have gone with him,as he asked.But she couldn’t imagine herself staying put in one place,especially on another continent that she knew nothing about.

She broke her own heart by allowing real love to slip away,and by never giving her parents a grandchild,which was something they always looked forward to.But c’est la vie-such is life.Only thing she could do from then on is to finally stop running.She was getting too old for it anyway.

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