Final Idea + Recipe:

“The Definition of a C.O.O.K.I.E”
C. (Chocolate) O. (Oreo top) O. (Oreo Bottom) K. (KitKat) I. (icing) E. (extract -Vanilla)
Steps 1 and 2. Opening up oreo to place a drop of vanilla extract inside
Step 3 and 4. Putting the Oreo back together and placing the Icing and KitKat on top
Step 5 (before) melting chocolate chips
Step 6. Pouring the melted chocolate chips onto the final cookie…. this is “The Definition of a C.O.O.K.I.E.”

Idea Generation

Idea 1 Test

The Orignal Donut Hole
The “smushed” donut hole
The “Donut Sandwich” complete with frosting……. the sandwich did not go as planned, it was very messy and fell apart very easily

Idea 2 Test

ft. the Oreo to KitKats being crushed in a bag
The “GO-COOKIE” before getting rolled up


Not easy to eat. The “GO-COOKIE” was nearly impossible to eat because it did not “squeeze” out of the container as easily as anticipated
Needed to be wrapped in something that was flexible and didn’t stick to the mixture inside the “GO-COOKIE.” This was still very hard to eat so I decided to not crunch up the ingredients. I wanted the cookie to look good and be easy to eat.
The final cookie. It looks and taste delicious and is easy to enjoy:)


Sept 7th: Research

Sept 8th: Gather Ideas and Test Idea 1

Sept 10th: Test Idea 2 and Finalize design and taste of cookie

Sept 11th: Write and publish blog post

Sept 14th: Present Final Cookies and Peer Review

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