Pitching from GMail

I am building a new kind of media relationship management tool for CEOs, marketing and comms professionals of growth startups and for PR agencies as well.

It is working right out of the GMail so you don’t spend too much time pitching and sending the press releases.

In addition to pitching you can also send press releases to a broader audience, without the need to use PR newswire services.

We also give you a nice way of collecting all the media hits you have together with important SEO metrics so you can see and measure your success easy!

Check us out at https://valosan.com

What do we offer?

A web app and Gmail extension you can use to reach out to journalists to talk about your startup. Your job is to build relationships with the journalists by pitching your startup, product and sending press releases.

Valosan is ready to help you with

  • Define marketing campaigns
  • Grow your audience
  • Sending personalized pitches, follow-up messages, and press releases defined in Markdown or Google Docs
  • Send press releases and media kits
  • Add publications to the app, save screenshots and see information on your audience reach and other SEO metrics.

We are looking for you feedback and suggestions — reach us out at hello@valosan.com

Building an awesome new product in PR to help comms & marketing pros and CEOs build their brand awereness and reach more customers and investors.