Show and Tell — February 27th — Cincinnati

I enjoyed visiting the Show and Tell event hosting by the Dooley Media. The speakers were informative and engaging. I learned a lot about social media strategy , but I found the information about visual story telling particularly interesting. Here are the important things I noted about visual story telling:

  1. Before posting anything you must have a purpose.
  2. Communicate an idea that people want to listen and perhaps getting inspired by it.
  3. Be empathetic to your audience
  4. Try to understand and feel like your audience before positing a content
  5. Always keep in mind who is target audience and focus on them

I found these very informative and applicable to my major (marketing) and current projects I have in different classes.

Thanks Matt and everyone else for the great event! #showandtell

P.S. That place in OTR where the event took place is amazing.

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