There is magic in graphs. The profile of a curve reveals in a flash a whole situation — the life history of an epidemic, a panic, or an era of prosperity. The curve informs the mind, awakens the imagination, convinces.
Henry D. Hubbard

Nowadays, the amount of data grows exponentially, and the more information we see, the harder it gets to process it. That’s why we need data visualization — in charts and dashboards, preferably interactive. …

Comparing and getting started with the best JavaScript (HTML5) map libraries for data visualization

Data visualization became ingrained in the life of almost every web designer and developer. If charting, mapping and dashboarding happen to have never been your pain in the neck yet, just wait a little bit as you are likely to join the club shortly.

Hoping that I can actually help those web developers and designers who are just getting started with looking into this matter, I decided to write an article about the eight most robust – from my point of view – JavaScript map libraries. …

Expertise and Insights on Development and Design

Hello, world!

My name is Ruslan, and I have a confession to make. For the years since I got my first job as a web developer, I’ve only taken ideas and insights without giving almost anything back. No tips. No comments. No shares on GitHub or anything else forkable. “Why should I sponsor someone’s work?” I used to ask myself. “If someone wants to share a tip, a tutorial or a pure code to make me quickly get up and running, it is OK then. …

Ruslan Borovikov

Experienced web developer, fond of creating efficient front-ends and UI as well as researching new relevant techniques and components. Team lead @ FraudScore.

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