Creating Hero/Header images using ‘I am Creator’
Sep 8, 2015 · 6 min read

This tutorial will show you how to create original scenes with the Scene Generator. We’ll create a scene using I am Creator / Frontview, but it can also be used for Topview and Perspective. All you need is Photoshop CS 4+ and the I am Creator set.

As we are going to work with several files simultaneously, let us first adjust Photoshop settings to manage windows easier. Open Edit — Preferences — Tools and check the box Zoom Resizes Windows.

In Photoshop menu: Edit — Preferences — Tools

Then open the [0]Scene_Generator.psd file and the files with the items you’d like to use. For this scene I’ve chosen the following items.

Check Auto Select: Group, as it’s described in the Help, and disable the Help layer.

We added a Help layer to each file, as it’s not convenient to open a pdf file every time you need it, while a layer inside a file can be easily enabled or disabled whenever you want.

Arrange the items in Photoshop, so that all of them are in front of you in a smaller size, while the Scene Generator is in a larger window. To achieve this, just resize the canvas using ‘Ctrl +’ or ‘Ctrl -’ and move the windows.

Then hide the Tables and Walls folder in the Layers menu of the Scene Generator (1) and open the Studios folder (2). Select the third folder Studio — Color and make it visible.(3)

Then double click on the Change Color layer icon.

You’ll see the background color selection window. Dragging the sliders, select the necessary color.

That’s how I’ve done it.

Now add the items into the scene. In the Layers menu of the Scene Generator click the Paste items above ↑ layer: all the new items in the layers hierarchy will be placed above this layer

Just click on the necessary item and drag it to the Scene Generator

I’ll start with the canvas, which is the center of my composition.

When I dragged the item into the scene, I saw it was too small. Don’t worry: we can zoom it with the same quality. Just use ‘Ctrl-T’ and you’ll see a frame around the item.

We have noticed that items converted into smart objects use less RAM memory and disk space, when their size is smaller. Thus, to make your work easier and faster, all the items (including backgrounds) are converted into smart objects, and the smart objects are significantly scaled down. It helps facilitate and optimize scene generating.

Pressing and holding Shift, drag the frame’s ends till you get the necessary size.

The next step is adding text blocks, and only then I’ll add the new items, so that they are at peace with the text blocks.

One of this pack’s key advantages is that it allows creating scenes, which can form interesting combinations with other design elements. In other words, if you use photos for your website’s background, you’d need to adjust design elements to these photos, while using ‘I am Creator’ you can adjust the scene to other elements. It offers vast opportunities for creating smart compositions.

Use the same pattern to arrange the items of the scene. If you need to place an item a layer above or below, just press ‘Ctrl ]’ or ‘Ctrl [’.

Here I felt like placing the plant on a bucket. As you can see, however, when I placed the flower pot on the bucket, its shade remained the same. It’s easy to correct it. Just open the item’s folder and disable the Shadow layer. Then click on the triangular to unexpand the folder.

That’s how the scene with all the items will look like:

Now we adjust the size and composition a little, and the scene is almost ready:

To finalize the scene, let’s add some pre-made correcting layers. Open the Effects folder and select any folder you like. I chose 012.

Here we have a problem: the white text is difficult to read on such a background. So we have to return to the background color setting layer (double click on the icon) and reduce Lightness a little.

That’s another pair of shoes!

You can also change the scene completely in just a few clicks: for instance, I changed the background, add the table and applied another correction layer.

Our next tutorial will show you how to easily customize an item or a scene, changing its color. In the meantime please check out the list of all the premade scenes.

This tutorial can be used with:

Topview — great example of popular knolling, create neatly organized scenes. The set contains 8 premade scenes and 218 items in 12 packs.

Frontview — create volume scenes. Front view of items. The set contains 28 premade scenes and 253 items in 15 packs.

Perspective — our craziest set. Add volume to your work presentation. The set contains 33 premade scenes and 244 items in 16 packs.

And don’t forget about freebies: Frontview sample psd, Topview sample psd, Perspective sample psd.

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