FAQ : LSTORE products

— I’ve never used products like this before, do you have tutorials?

Sure, after purchasing you will receive our help file. We also have step-by-step tutorials, showing how to create scenes and how to change the colors of items.

— Why do all premade scenes have smaller size and rasterized non-mockup items in ‘I am Creator’ packs ?

In order to decrease the file sizes, all the items in premade scenes are rasterized and the scenes have 2000x1500px (or 2600px) resolution (which will be enough for 99% of projects). Don’t worry, if you need them bigger, you can easily recreate them in a larger size, using our scene generator and items.

The pixel resolution of our scene generator is the highest we’ve ever seen. The resolution of an item can be up to 3500x3500px, and there are hundreds of items like this, along with dozens of premade scenes. If we do not optimize them, one set will be about 40GB, which means over 100GB for the whole trilogy, and the file sizes are getting larger with each update. It’ll be really difficult to download such a set. That’s why optimization is necessary.

— What’s the resolution of the ‘I am Creator’ packs? Can I use it in print projects?

Naturally, you can. You can create scenes with resolution up to 6000x4500px. Each raster layer is in a smart object, so you can resize it without damage.

It’s limited by backgrounds, not items. Using items and a flat background, you can create much bigger scenes 10K-15K pixels wide.

All the items have different size in pixels. For example, the size of Macbook is 2943x2197px (without the shadow), and the size of Apple Watch is 1669x1982px.

And don’t forget, that you can always download a free sample first, before purchasing, and check out, whether it’s useful to you or not. http://lstore.graphics/

— Where can I download the free samples?

You can download the free samples at our website: http://lstore.graphics/. By the way, you’ll find not only the samples of our current products there, but other interesting freebies as well.

— Do I need an additional license to use it in several different projects?

No, you don’t need any additional license. Our expanded license allows you to use our product in numerous individual or commercial products.

— Interested in purchasing but am wondering: will the pack work with Affinity Photo / Designer? I believe these two new apps generally open and work with .psd files but am not sure about the level of layering that is the magic of what you have created here

I have not try it in Affinity, but looks like it will not works, smart objects are not supported https://affinity.serif.com/forum/index.php?/topic/1401-smart-objects-in-psd/

Developers promise to add this feature, but it will take time.

Also, don’t forget that you can grab free sample before buy http://lstore.graphics/

Will it work in CS4?

Yes. You need to have Adobe Photoshop CS4 (or newer versions) to use mockup smartobjects.

To be continued. You’re welcome to leave your comments or questions, we promise to answer all of them.

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