Intelligent Use of Images in Design Projects
Sep 4, 2015 · 7 min read

No matter, if you are a designer or a branding specialist, you’re often sure to need quality images for your work. For a website, to use like Hero/header images, or for a brand presentation.

As you know, creating something is only half the battle — one should know how to present it. A well-chosen image can arouse strong positive emotions, while an unlucky one would erase all your efforts. It’s not worth spoiling your smart UI or a cool logo idea with an ugly image.

I am Creator / Frontview, Generated Hero/Header image

Photo Stocks?

Naturally, you may use photo stocks to find the necessary image, but it’s almost always a bad choice. Whyso? For the following reasons:

  1. Stock images are usually same-type, so your work would look less eye-catching and over-exposed.

Be careful when using stock images; naturally, you’ll hardly be able to give them up completely, but always try other ways first.

Exclusive Images?

Undoubtedly, the best image is always the one created especially for your project. Many projects really allow to take a stand, adjust light and photograph a unique scene. Also, you can create (or commission someone to make) an image in a 3D editor..

Creating such images takes too much time, time that might have otherwise been used to make your product better, enhance its creative part, develop a more beautiful typography or a more user-friendly website.

To sum it up, I can say that creating quality images from scratch always requires huge amounts of resources, which designers do not always possess.

Generating Unique Scenes Using “I Am Creator”

I am Creator / Topview Branding Showcase

We have developed this set of products to solve some of the above mentioned problems. And create new :). This product allows you to make customized scenes on the fly. And you don’t have to possess any super skills for it. All you need is Photoshop, and you’ll be able to create scenes just dragging and dropping items into a specially prepared scene.

  1. Speed. You can create unique scenes in an instant and you won’t need a camera with a studio or a 3D editor.
I am Creator / Perspective, Presentation purposes
I am Creator / Frontview, Magazine Showcase

Scene Generator

Scene generator is a psd file, where you need to select a background and a suitable set of overlay effects. Then just drag and drop the items in ‘Paste items below’ layer and create unique compositions.

The premade adjustment layers help finalize a scene: after you have dragged items into a scene generator, select one of the effects for the scene to look complete.

I am Creator / Perspective, One of the 32 premade scenes

Item Selection

We have been thinking hard about what items are worth including and finally came up with a set that contains items, which can really serve most design purposes. It was a long process of selection, while each item was made in 3D with high resolution and necessary angle, then retouched to give it a more eye-catching look.

If you compare our product with other similar products, you’ll notice that almost all of them just photograph anything they see. In fact, it’s really difficult to find worthy stage props. That’s why we do not photograph items for our products — we create them from scratch. The process is time-taking and expensive, but it ensures the quality of our scenes.

Preparing for a logo or corporate identity presentation? Show how your logo would actually look like on this graphic set. I am Creator / Frontview

Item Preparation

One of this pack’s key advantages is that it can be perfectly used for dark, full-color or light scenes.

Perfect for dark scenes, I am Creator / Perspective
Perfect for light scenes, I am Creator / Perspective
Perfect for colorful scenes, I am Creator / Perspective

That’s all about rendering: we render items so that they reflect less surroundings, white floor in particular. Also, we make a composition of several images rendered with different settings. Thus, an item looks better on various surfaces. And that’s another reason why we do not photograph items: it is impossible to ‘switch off’ reflections of floor when you take a photo.

Each item is isolated, with its shade done in a separate layer, so that it will be easier for you to adjust it: you may choose, whether you want it sharper or almost invisible. Moreover, shades are transparent, which means there’s no need for effects like Multiply, and you may easily create, for instance, an animated header for your website. Finally, our shades are true to life, rendered in a 3D editor. I have seen various examples of fake ‘dynamic’ shades — it’s not a good idea indeed.


In addition to creating your own compositions, you can also customize each item. Almost every item with various materials also has color masks for each of them. It allows to easily adjust colors to your (your brand’s) needs.

Three perfect masks for each material. I am Creator / Frontview
The process of color change and item customization is really simple. I am Creator / Perspective

For each specific case, we created 2 types of mockups.

  1. In the first case, you can insert an image as it is and it will be automatically adjusted to an item’s shape, with overlaid flecks and shades. Display devices, books, canvases, etc.
Mockups of the first type. I am Creator / Perspective
  1. In the second case, you’ll need a shape with automatically overlaid effects. You may insert your text, logo or vector item on a transparent background. However, you cannot use photos (as in the first mockup variant), otherwise no magic will happen.
Mockups of the second type.I am Creator / Perspective

The Three Key Angles

It’s the first scene generator available in the three key angles at a time. All of them contain some similar items, as well as lots of different ones. Each angle has its pros and cons, but they complement each other perfectly.

For example, tyou want to present your logo using several images with different view angles. You can find them on stock, but they will not be unique and will be done in different styles, with different atmosphere, etc. And that’s not cool. Or maybe you want to create a website with several pages and need several unique images in the same style, etc.

The three angles for your presentation. I am Creator / Topview, Perspective, Frontview

Topview — great example of popular knolling. Create neatly organized scenes. The set contains 8 premade scenes and 218 items in 12 packs.

Frontview — create volume scenes. Front view of items. The set contains 28 premade scenes and 253 items in 15 packs.

Perspective — our craziest set. Add volume to your work presentation. The set contains 33 premade scenes and 244 items in 16 packs.


Purchasing our packs saves you lots of money, as you also get an extended license that can be used for various projects.

Naturally, the best way to create a unique image from scratch is using a camera or a 3D editor. However, if it’s not possible for a specific project, try I am Creator to make unique compositions. Try to avoid stock photos.

Check all scenes and items in one place.

And don’t forget about freebies: Frontview sample psd, Topview sample psd, Perspective sample psd.

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