I was in IT for about 40 years, after about ten years in publishing, which was being rendered…
Sandy Perlmutter

I have an opinion that the fundamentals of the mathematic principals regarding ratio and balance in physics or electronics indeed hold true when applied similarly here in this argument.

Energy is neither created or destroyed, it is only converted or redistributed. [as God has already done the creating?]

Matter, likewise is also not created [since creation], it is only altered and spread around in varying amounts..

Human “labor” or “employment” will follow roughly the current volume into future arenas, but with whatever resulting conversion…

Where I see the change in the equation, is in the ease or intensity of human requirement… in agreement with the authors concluding statements… with the freeing up of disposable time and energies available, that can be applied toward a more socially concious approach of improving our existence and relationship with our host planet, and thus our future.

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