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There’s a lot of stupid in this statement:

“or that four of Carolina’s past five titles should have asterisks next to them, since the 2005 and 2017 titles belong to the refs, the 1993 title can be attributed to Chris Webber’s timeout, and the 1982 title came as a result of Fred Brown’s pass to James Worthy.”

Uh, in 2017, Gonzaga hit 34% from the floor. Guessing the refs didn’t make them miss all the time.

The 2005 game was a moving-screen festival in which Illinois was underpenalized. Yeah, moving screens, incessant push-offs, and rugby holds is a staple of Big Ten basketball, but in the wider world less so (see: reasons the Big East had one Final Four team from 1990–98, and the Big Ten had only two that didn’t have Webber, one of the best college players in the last 30 years).

The 1993 game = Carolina was leading when Webber traveled (not called) then called the TO. Call the travel, and UNC wins. Give the TO and the tech (which happened), UNC wins. Successful Michigan possession scoring 2 points (<50% likelihood) nets a tie and chance for UNC to win. Successful Michigan 3-pointer (35% or so — it’s not like Rose or King were JJ Reddick) or bucket-plus-foul and only then does Michigan have the advantage.

The ’82 game = Carolina was leading. Once again, daft columnist is assuming success for the SleepyFloyds, not calculating odds.

Titus, you should be better than this.

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