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Russell McGuire

Here at ClearPurpose, I most often write at the intersection of business strategy, technology, and entrepreneurship, but I appreciate the opportunities to factor in a fourth important vector — a Christian worldview. …

Business strategy has been my focus for more than 20 years. The most popular area of business strategy is “competitive strategy.” In the business world, we often adopt the language of sports or warfare — “How do we win?” or “How do we beat our competitors?” …

I’m in the middle of reading The Digital Transformation Playbook by David L. Rogers (review forthcoming). I really appreciate his structured approach to digital strategy and that he provides so many tools. …

Last week, Christine Heckart hosted a mini-reunion of some of the folks from TeleChoice. Twenty-years ago this boutique consulting firm pioneered a new category for strategic consulting. We called it “Strategic Catalysts”. …

Brief Summary

Title: Built to Innovate: Essential Practices to Wire Innovation into Your Company’s DNA
Author: Ben M. Bensaou with Karl Weber
Published: 2022 by McGraw Hill

What It Teaches: The author of Built to Innovate emphasizes that every company needs to involve all employees in both an execution engine and an…

Brief Summary

Title: Radical Product Thinking: The New Mindset for Innovating Smarter
Author: R. Dutt
Published: 2021 by Barrett-Koehler
What It Teaches: From the book’s concluding chapter: “In building your product, instead of iterating in the pure pursuit of financial KPIs, you can take the purpose-driven approach of Radical Product Thinking. …

Brief Summary

Title: Faith Driven Entrepreneur: What It Takes to Step Into Your Purpose and Pursue Your God-Given Call to Create
Authors: Henry Kaestner, J.D. Greear, and Chip Ingram
Published: 2021 by Tyndale

What It Teaches: Henry Kaestner is co-founder of the Faith Driven Entrepreneur (FDE), Faith Driven Investor (FDI), and Faith…

Brief Summary

Title: The Redemptive Business: A Playbook for Leaders
Author: Dave Blanchard, Andy Crouch, and Scott Kauffmann
Published: 2021 by Praxis
What It Teaches: The word “praxis” means “Practical application or exercise of a branch of learning.” The authors of this book are leaders of Praxis, a “community dedicated to putting our Christian faith…

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I talk to a lot of startup business leaders. Most of them are excited about building and operating their businesses. They are much less excited about raising the funding they need to get the business off the ground or to take it to the next level. …

Brief Summary

Title: Rogue Waves: Future-Proof Your Business to Survive & Profit from Radical Change
Author: Jonathan Brill
Published: 2021 by McGraw Hill
What It Teaches: Jonathan Brill uses the analogy of hundred-foot tall walls of water that pop up out of nowhere to mysteriously sink even the largest of ships to describe the current…

Russell McGuire

Strategist, Entrepreneur, Executive, Advisor, Mentor, Inventor, Innovator, Visionary, Author, Writer, Blogger, Husband, Father, Brother, Son, Christian

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