Metrics to SLIs to SLOs with Reliably, Spring Boot and Prometheus

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Using Reliably SLOs as Code from the free and open source Chaos Toolkit’s chaos engineering experiments

Why a Triumvirate, rather than a Monarchy, is important when attempting to proactively engineer reliable systems

Losing and regaining my mind by letting go of tasks, and focussing on time and attention

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SLOs as Guardrails

Guardrails are those helpful parts of…


  • Service Level Objectives are valuable because they are hard/difficult to create and evolve.
  • Service Level Objectives are so much more than just metrics, they are important collaboration and decision-supporting devices.
  • Service Level Objectives describe the objective for some important system behaviour and so may relate to 1, 100s or 1000s of underlying service implementations and runtime units.
  • SLOs are not islands; they relate to one another and you can get more out of them by taking advantage of these relationships.
  • SLOs are strongly related to Site Reliability Engineering, but you don’t have to be applying SRE the Google way, or…

Watching an SLO live from the Terminal

Using Reliably to collaborate, capture, version and execute SLOs

SLOs, as Code, For DevOps Teams


  • Service Level Objectives are powerful as they can be incredibly useful decision-making tools way beyond the team coalface, while providing value at that coalface as well.
  • SLOs tell me what we care about and what good looks like for a system’s users.
  • SLOs as Code in Reliably, the Reliability Automation Platform for Developers, provide executable, versionable artefacts that help you capture, frame, collaborate and enable important reliability conversations at any point in a system’s evolution.
  • You can use Reliably today to create and monitor your SLOs as Code.

Why are SLOs so powerful?

I have a confession, I love Service Level Objectives (SLOs). In my…

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